India the land of the Gods

Unleash a woman's power within! 

They say a woman is a vessel of God. That's not exactly so. A woman is not a vessel, but a conductor of divine energy. The energy of love, kindness and compassion. This great power is capable of much: to give happiness to all people on Earth. And help each of us find our true purpose, love and joy in India, the land of the Gods. Are you ready to reveal this power within?

The power of divine femininity in India, the land of the Gods

Our planet is in great danger. More than a billion animals have already died in Australia because of the worst fires that have raged on the continent since August 2019. The world's oceans are suffocating from tons of plastic and waste in the water. There are tsunamis, earthquakes and floods all over the world.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? No, it's not just global warming and man's irresponsible attitude towards ecology. The thing is that the forces of evil conquer the forces of good in the world. And that, in turn, happened because the  power of Divine Femininity in the world is blocked.

What kind of power is that and where is it? It's in every woman! Yes, in you too!

It means that it is you who can change the course of the struggle between the Good and the Evil, protect our Earth from terrible natural disasters, wars, hunger, poverty.

From all the grief we face every day, every minute.

"Can I really influence such global things?" you ask. Yes! You CAN!

What does it take to do that? To revive your true nature. The nature of love, kindness, compassion, helping others.

The woman is the channel of the Higher Powers. A divine guide to all that is best in the world. With beauty, femininity, joy any of us can stop conflicts and wars, heal the sick and return hope to the desperate ones.

This is a special astrological time. Saturn - the planet of will and concentration – leaves the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

This will open the way for every woman to the highest talents, the true predestination.

But if we don’t prepare for this transition, the evil power of Saturn will intensify karmic problems, generate new wars and ecological disasters.

Therefore the Field of Love will help all women to realize their special mission for 2020. We will tell you how to reveal your divine femininity. How to strengthen the power of love and beauty.

Of course, not every woman can cope with the great mission entrusted to her. Only the chosen women, the keepers of the Lineage, will stop the forces of Evil.

And we're bringing all the keepers together in India, the land of the Gods.. Not in an ordinary place, of course. It's the strongest Place of Power in India, homeplace to the gods. The unique retreat will take place very soon: from March 13 to 18 in Goa.

India the land of the Gods

India, the land of the Gods

Our entire planet is shrouded in invisible threads of various energies. Places of Power are the points where they join together in a huge ball. Here great empires and civilizations were created, writing and culture were born.

 Every continent has such Places of Power. However, it happens that there is a whole cluster of such energy balls on a small territory or in one country.

India, the land of the Gods, is one of the countries where the strongest Places of Power are concentrated. Where it is possible and necessary to perform rituals to heal the lineage, purify karma of the lineage, help relatives and friends who are in a difficult situation. This is where the paths of many monks, spiritual practitioners and people looking for their predestination flock to.

Indian Cult of Love 

Women's energy has accumulated and multiplied for many millennia in India. We see it in the many-faced deities, deep reverence for the cult of fertility and karmic power of Woman.

Sita and Rama from the ancient Indian epos Ramayana, Shiva and Parvati in Hinduism, the constant companion of Krishna - the female multi-faceted deity Shrimati Radharani - all of them are karmic pairs and represent the true love of Men and Women.

Their divine relationship is not built on material. There is sensuality, unconditional acceptance of each other and sacrifice at the head of love.

Words of prayer and appeals to the goddesses for help in love and relationships fly there from around the world.

The meeting of the loving couple is destined in heaven and is given as a great gift of spirits and gods.

The basis of love relations and ideal union in the religious tradition of India are the principles that are clear to everyone: respect, trust, loyalty, spiritual and physical intimacy, desire for spiritual development.

Therefore, it is in India that we will conduct a unique spiritual retreat revealing Divine Femininity.

Special rituals, ancient spiritual and tantric practices, the unique nature of Goa - all this will help to awaken your sensuality, inner beauty, spirituality, great power that can defeat the evil of the world.

Indian Cult of Love 

Keeper of the lineage 

Our unique retreat is capable of bringing the planet to global transformation. Above all, the changes will take place in the lives of its participants. Success, luck, health, financial stability will come to every woman after the retreat.

Everyone will be able to reveal their hidden talents and even superpowers, and be forever cured of two major spiritual diseases of our society - loneliness and lack of love in relationships.

But that is not all! Participation in the retreat will reveal in each participant her true role - the role of the keeper, guardian of her entire Lineage. After all, it is the woman who influences the 7 (!) generations of descendants. Whether they will be rich or poor, successful or ordinary, loved or lonely, self-realized or miserable, healthy or sick - all this depends on the guardian of the Lineage. On you personally!

By creating your good destiny, you pass it on to your unborn offspring! Which means right now is the time for you! It's time for you to be healthy, happy, talented!

How? We'll teach you this during the retreat.

And it also depends on you, exactly on you, what our planet will be like in a few years. Will it be safe and comfortable to live on. Will there be birds singing in the morning. Will the ocean caress our feet with its blue waves... Will the leaves of the forest rustle.

The billions of beasts that died in the flames of hell will not be returned... But we can protect those who remain. It lies in YOUR power!

Are you ready to open up to divine energy? The power of a unique spot on the planet? The ancient knowledge of the gods of India?

We are waiting for you then ! See you at GOA from March 13 to 18!

Françoise, Marseille: 

"I often say that my favorite man is a gift from the universe. But I've been waiting for him for years...

I've never been in a truly harmonious relationship. Betrayals, cheating, just some kind of mutual indifference...

Being young, of course, I believed in true love, I waited for it. But over the years I became convinced that all this is a fairy tale for cinema and literature, and in life... in life everything is much more earthly...

But one day, everything changed. A close friend called me to a Field of Love spiritual retreat. I agreed not because I believed in some spiritual practices, but because the event was held in one of the unique places on Earth. Then I learned that such places are called Places of Power.

The retreat week flew by unnoticed. Visiting ancient temples, communicating, spiritual and Tantric practices... I was coming home winged and incredibly happy. I felt like the whole world was open to me. I met the eyes of a man at the airport and realized it was Him immediately.

We've been together for three years now. I believe in true love again))))

He is my divine half, the best thing that ever happened to me!

I thank the universe every day for the gift!"

The Field of Love project invites all women to a spiritual retreat in Goa on March 13-18. Make sure you register for the retreat in time and open a new page in your life! We are waiting for you!

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