Secrets of Business

How do you get rid of your financial problems?

You have probably thought about the major financial paradox of our time more than once. On the one hand, the vast majority of people live payday-to-payday, can not afford something extra, pinch and scrape all the time. On the other hand, there are people who deny themselves nothing at all. Do you think we are talking about oligarchs? Not at all. We're talking about people who have learned the secrets of business magic.

What is the secrets of business magic? 

It's the magic of money and material energy. But it is not possible without personal, spiritual development of a person. That is, the rich may be a bad person. But he will have to pay for his financial "well-being" heavily.

Story of Mary is a vivid example of that: 

"We have a family business. After my parents died, my brother and I inherited it. My brother, at that time a very cool specialist in his field, said at once that he was not going to do the father's business. He has his own career, plans and all that. So I had to take the lead in our small but quite profitable company.

The first two years I was in a state of euphoria. Revenue was going up, we were going into new markets. Unexpectedly, I had a super income. And suddenly I started spending money at a crazy rate. Moreover, my parents always led a very modest way of life and we, the children, were taught to be careful and humble. But I felt like an entrepreneur! Very successful! It almost ruined me.

I was spending the money exclusively on myself. The new apartment was the best in town. The new car was top of the line. I flew with business class only. Clothes, jewelry, gadgets, resorts...

After six months of such a luxurious lifestyle the CFO of our company (my company!) reported with anxiety that income is falling, clients are leaving. But I recklessly shunt it off: some are leaving, others will come.

And another six months later we were on the verge of bankruptcy. We managed to save the company, thanks to the wise advice of my friend to turn for business advice to the Field of Love project. There they helped me rethink my life, see the way out of the impasse and start all over again. I realized that it was all because of my unwillingness to develop spiritually. Because any business has to be paired with personal development. Only then life will be harmonious and happy.

I started to work in a group, attend retreats to the Places of Power. I got amulets for good luck and wealth. But most importantly, I began to share any profit, even the smallest, with those who are especially in need. Today, volunteer projects and charity projects Field of Love are a separate direction of our company’s activity. And the company thrives thanks to the secrets of business magic".

It is really so. Only those who develop spirituality, respect and love for everything living can create, preserve and increase their wealth. Who will not allow themselves do harm to others, hiding behind a "good" purpose.

Often God puts man in difficult conditions. So that the person "wakes up" - starts making efforts for their development. They began to recover, learn to interact with their partner and earn money for their growth.

How do you become a business magician and learn the secrets of business magic? 

  1. Read the chapter "Case in a Million" in the book "The Adventures of the Mystics"

Secrets of Business

This book provides the basis for success in any case, no matter what you do. As you read it, you will have the insight and understanding to solve your financial problem. This book has already helped 2500 people start a profitable business!

  1. Attend at least 3 seminars on business magic and sign up for regular group classes

There you will learn spiritual practices to attract wealth into your life. You will also know how to conduct sessions for good luck. After that, any action you take will be supported by the Higher Power. You will receive the patronage of Fortune in all your endeavors. You will be able to overcome the initial uncertainty and obtain a good intuition.

  1. Get help at an individual consultation with the Field of Love tutors. 

They will certainly give you wise advice and direct your activity in the right direction.

  1. Get energy help from the Object of Power

You can get your personal Object of Power at the tutor's seminar. It will protect you from negative influences and save from wrong decisions.

Secrets of Business
  1. Get to a special Place of Power in India

This unique land of gods will help you solve any difficult financial situation and make your business prosperous.

Be rich! Sign up for our seminars, come to group classes!

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