Field of Love warns you: “Don’t let anyone fool you!”

21 February 2020
Field of love

The year of global lies has come: don't trust everything you hear 

We exist in the large information field. This field has a lot of interesting and useful things. But it also has a lot of lies, direct fraud and veiled revenge. How not to be confused? How not to put your trust on frauds and knaves? Field of love will help 

 The agony of choosing 

All of us choose. Every day, every minute... The choice may be crucial for your life or for the immediate outlook. It may seem transitory but may lead to most unpredictable consequences.

To eat a vegetable salad or a piece of cake? To spend a night in a club or in a gym? The choice seems to be obvious but it is so difficult! How many remorses and ambivalence we feel inside!

Because transitory weaknesses and desires often become real obstacles in the way to our great purpose.

What if the life-changing choice is waiting for you or you have to take the decision in complicated moral matters?... It is difficult, isn't it? Activists of Field of Love charity movement receive a lot of letters with your questions

When the worm of doubt is gnawing on you, you need to turn on the critical thinking. As you know, if you have achieved nothing, you have no enemies. You just have nothing to envy you. And vice versa, these days every remotely well-known media person has her fans and haters. From Prince Harry to an ordinary blogger.

For example, you may read in a newspaper/online or to see on the TV the reportage about the dubious activity of some company. A well-known trainer, couch etc may be accused in something. Can you trust this information?

Field of love

Haters for Jesus 

It's just enough to remember the history. Jesus Christ was persecuted. Osho was outlawed in more than 20 countries of the world. Both of them were recognized and the number of their followers was increased only after their deaths!

Every spiritual person, monk, enlightener, hermit had their persecutors and haters. They were unlike everyone else, stood out from the crowd and did not obey its laws.

Any bright, extraordinary person, while going outside the lay thinking, always received her own share of accusations and dirt, speculations and gossips.

By the way, the project “Field of Love” also often finds itself in the focus of haters. Of course, not in Europe and the USA, but in third-world countries, for example, in Russia. They accuse our movement in the Lord knows what there. For example, they say that our disciples and masters drink the blood and even use brooms as a vehicle to fly to sabbaths. It happens in the 21st century when an airplane is not a luxury anymore!

But the most astonishing thing is that people in these countries, common people, believe in everything that is said by the media and posted online. So, they are hooked to the most primitive manipulations that you can imagine!

You also can notice that the number of haters have grown now. Just open a smartphone or turn on TV – your hair will curl. Spying scandals, harassment, accusations in sectionalism and shady deals, frauds. Why is it happening in our days?

The astral aspect

One of main reasons (strange as it may seem) is the effect of stars and planets. We are living through the special, difficult year. It will be a test for authenticity of desires, strength of the spirit, for consciousness for everyone. At this, you may call this period “the year of global lies”. It is the general idea expressed by experts of various fields, not only by politicians and esotery scientists.It will be haters, fights with sects whose cry from a rostrum will be the loudest. Mentors of Field of Love 24 hours support people all over the world and help to deal with difficult life situations

Nowadays the great struggle of the Truth with the Lies, Hatred with Love, the eternal conflict of Good and Evil is going on.

This struggle is happening not somewhere in the Universe or in popular action movies. It is going on in every heart, thoughts and soul.

Do you imagine this? You decide the result of this great struggle every minute... When you choose between a run and one more cigarette, compassion and indifference. The government, media, marketing technologies do everything to impress, to confuse and to scare you with the propaganda. Any methods will go to make you choose the side of the Evil.

Is there any exit from this vicious circle? How not to become a meek doll and not to be caught by liars? It turns out that you just need to start thinking prudently, logically and specifically turning off excessive emotions.

Field of love

 The life as a gift 

What will happen if you believe in the lies and choose the side of the Evil. The worst things may happen.

Once a woman visited us at the Field of Love. The trouble happened in her family – her father collapsed with the stroke. The energetic, optimistic and athletic man turned out into the inactive old man with paralyzed arm and leg.

Anna (let's call that woman like this) begged our masters to help to her father. Because doctors and rehabilitation did not help. Then we made a circle of prayer. All our disciples asked the Universe for health for Anna's father. It was a very strong prayer, we repeated it several time and... the miracle happened!

Anna's father started moving his arm! Everybody was very happy and they decided to continue praying and making rituals. Anna herself passed several individual rituals and bought a special amulet for her father.

Everything was great. But one day Anna read a wild article about the Field of Love posted online. Our masters and disciples were almost accused in witchery! Later we would know that the article was commissioned by our competitors. But Anna for some reason believed in what was written. Yes, she knew our masters, she saw how seminars and group classes were carried out. But the woman decided that the witching force would not be of any use for her father but vice versa, it could kill him.

She stopped visiting classes, did not picked up her phone, avoided speaking with other disciples. At that moment she lost her faith in the Divine power, dark forces occupies her mind, the spirit of accusation stood between her and the healing power of prayer.

And Anna's father felt worse! He lost the ability to move his hand again and he almost lost his sight.

Anna could save her father if she did not believe in the lies and manipulations. That's why it is so important to trust your heart!

The choice is always only on you! Nobody decides for you what the Evil and the Good are personally for you and your family is.

You may win the battle in the situation of the total fraud. What do you need for it? Trust your intuition and listen to your mind, do not believe in provocations and gossips.

Be honest, first of all with yourself. Then forces of the Evil won't have the place in your life. You may help your friends like this by cleansing their minds through Field of Love. Then there will be more Truth and Love around ourselves. And less terrible news.

Hope, Love and the Good will multiply and will be able to make you happy, wealthy, living in harmony, with joy and spiritual rest. Help the Universe to win over the Evil! Especially nowadays when the world is attacked by the new deadly coronavirus. More than 24 thousand people is infected by it nowadays. Around 500 people already died!

Doctors still have not created a vaccine that would be able to stop the dangerous virus. But it doesn't mean that the antidote does not exist! The disease can be stopped! For this reason, we are now holding circles of prayer “Field of Love” all over the globe. Love, compassion, the desire to protect complete strangers from the disease are what will save the world from the Evil.

Of course, everyone is now worried about their families because the speed of spreading the virus is scary. If you want to protect your loved from the danger pray for them at our seminars and classes!

Visit prayers and classes of “Field of Love”, invite your friends. When you help others, you attract the luck and protection of Supreme forces and stop the Evil on our planet!

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