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Tips for those who want to find happiness on Saint Valentine’s Day 

Love is the supreme value. This is our superpower, our divine manifestation. We dream of love, wait for it, believe that it will knock on our door. But how can we find it? All in all, is there true love other than in movies and books? Let’s try to figure it out.

The price of true love 

Nowadays, Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on all continents. Some people prepare small notes – valentines cards – with a declaration of love, someone proposes marriage, and others give sweet surprises and flowers. A beautiful tradition is based on a sad but beautiful love story.

Saint Valentine has devoted himself to faith since he was young. All his sermons contained simple truths: love and respect each other, appreciate the blessing of life above all. The Roman emperor Claudius II didn’t like pleas for peace. Besides, he refused to have personal life in the name of the state.

And later, he simply forbade marriages so that men wouldn’t take a fancy to the family and would always be ready for war.

Valentine had been marrying the people in love under cover of night secretly, so that the emperor hadn’t known about it, until the priest was sent to prison. He didn’t regret breaking the law and was ready for any punishment.

Valentine’s love story had begun shortly before this. He had met a blind girl Julia. Her father, the prison warder, had known that Valentine had been a gifted healer. And he had asked the priest to heal his only daughter from blindness. A cruel irony of fate: later, this man turned out to be Valentine’s jailer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t cure the girl.

While waiting for the death penalty, Valentine wrote a note to his beloved with a declaration of love and sent it by her father.

Unfortunately, Julia received Valentine’s card after the execution... This happened on February 14.

The girl opened the note with tears in her eyes and groped for a flower, which smelled like saffron. After running fingers over the flower for a while, she miraculously recovered her sight...

true love

Three types of true love

True love is like a ghost, everyone is talking about it, but no one has seen it. Probably, many people will agree with this phrase. The older we get, the more ephemeral true love seems to be. It exists in books, films, music, but everything is different in real life. Everyday routine, problems, quarrels, fatigue – all these things plague any relationship out.

Is it possible to find true love even in adult life? Of course, it’s possible! But first of all, let’s figure out what true love is. There are three types or levels of love.

“I can’t live without him” 

This is the first step in love: vivid emotions, unrestrained passion and the desire to be constantly with your beloved.

And where is trust and responsibility? Relationship won’t last long without these qualities.

The outburst of feelings will cease, there will be a break up.

 If you feel that the relationship is on the decline, be sure to cast away your emotions for a moment and think about the causes of the problems. In “The Field of Love” classes, we analyze the most common mistakes made at the stage of falling in love.

“I’ll go with you to the ends of the earth” 

This is the second level: it’s interesting to be together for both of you, you have common hobbies and plans, one circle of acquaintances, a similar pace of life and an understanding of how to live.

Compatibility at the social level shows that you have successfully overcome passions and can create strong relationship based on trust.

The only thing missing from this relationship is spiritual development. “The Field of Love” project provides you with an opportunity to discover your spiritual potential and predestination. We teach how to work with energies and build a harmonious life.

“You and I are inseparable” 

The highest level of love is the affinity of souls. This is mutual self-sacrifice, support in spite of everything and everyone, full responsibility for the life of a partner, help in spiritual growth.

Such a couple can’t be separated or destroyed; it is bound by karma.

But such love can exist only if people are spiritually developed and engaged in continuous self-improvement. You can’t pass such a development program alone. That’s why we invite everyone to our seminars. Special practices and powerful amulets will help you discover the talents and abilities that will take you to a new spiritual level.

true love
Abigail, Portland: 

“I never liked romantic comedies, they all seemed to me stupid. Where are they: smart, charismatic, strong-willed and charming men? Only strong, successful, purposeful and... lonely women have always surrounded me. I became one of them by the age of 40...

My friend advised me to attend “The Field of Love” and I did. She said that they were engaged in volunteer projects, and I really wanted to provide all possible assistance to people. When I started participating in charity projects, my life finally made sense. In addition to helping orphans and the homeless, I helped organize seminars and trips to Places of Power. And, of course, I studied as well. I attended group classes on a regular basis, tried not to miss webinars. All these things changed me dramatically – spiritually and emotionally.

Indeed, I became happier. But loneliness still weighed heavily upon me. So, once, during “The Field of Love” prayer, I took courage and asked the spirits to help me find true love. Was I waiting for a miracle? I don’t know…

Remember, I started this story with the statement that never believed in romantic love stories? The funny thing is that such a story happened to me! On Saint Valentine’s Day, I went to the bookstore and wanted to buy the latest much-talked-of bestseller by my favorite author. But the store was crowded – everyone was buying gifts for the holiday. Shop assistants were busy.

And then, the owner of the store came up to me and offered to help. It was Him, the man of my dreams! I understood it at first sight...

We have been married for three years. Needless to say, Saint Valentine’s Day is a double holiday for our family))) I’m sure the spirits helped me find happiness!”

What should you do to find your love? 

So, anyway, how can you find your soul mate? What should you do for this? Our masters advise students to perform some simple practices.

Method 1: make a list 

What your perfect partner should be like? What qualities should he have? Should he be caring, kind, generous, reliable? Make a list, and list all the desired qualities.

Now think: what kind of woman does such a man need? Perhaps, she should be caring, gentle, loyal as well. List these qualities, make the so-called composite portrait of his perfect partner.

And now, compare yourself with this “composite portrait”. Does she look like you? Do you have all these qualities? Which qualities are missing?

Now you understand what you should to do, don’t you? Of course, you should change! You should become the woman that the best man will fall in love with.

Let’s change together. Come to our classes, we will help you become the perfect woman!

Method 2: help others 

Help people, and God will help you. Have you heard this phrase? It really works that way. The more we give, the more we receive from the Universe.

Moreover, truly honorable men love women who care about others.

So become our volunteer. Provide any, even a little help to those in need. This will increase the amount of love in the world, and this love will come into your life!

Method 3: develop spiritually

Dream, love, engage in self-development, come to our classes. The higher your level of energy and spiritual development is, the higher the chances of meeting true love are. It’s time to act and become happy!

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