“Field of Love”: the place where works the law of universal happiness

10 March 2020
Field of Love

Help others and God will certainly help you! 

Everyone is interested in the principle of Universal happiness. After all, even quite ordinary good deeds backfire us health, success and wealth. This article will tell you how works this law of keeping happiness and what the amazing power of the Field of Love prayer is.

Everyone sees happiness differently 

What is true happiness? Tanned Australian and South American farmers will tell you that happiness is the refreshing rains over hot, burning forests and their inhabitants, towns and cities. The annual fires in these places reap huge mortal harvests. 

The starving children of the African continent will not hesitate to respond that happiness is a lot of food.

Homeless people who are forced to find a place to sleep in extremely cold temperatures in Alaska or the northern states of Canada believe that happiness is a warm bed.

And when you ask the Chinese freighted by coronavirus about the meaning of true happiness, they all say that happiness is synonym to health.

Women and girls who have been through the horrors of domestic violence believe that happiness is safety.

Pets who have lost their owners and found themselves in the street cannot speak. But they also dream about happiness, because for a pet there is nothing more precious than the owner's caress and care.

Everyone has a recipe for real happiness. For some people, another million Euros is a routine that does not bring joy. And someone will be happy, having received a handful of rice and a glass of water. 

It is impossible to create a completely happy reality for all people without exception. But by helping people around us to get our share of joy, we will be much happier!

Conquering fires 

Most of the Field of Love volunteers did real wonders by helping put out the Siberian fires last year. And still other students, from different continents and countries, joined forces to send a powerful circular prayer Field of Love and were able to stop the wall of fire in the Amazon forests.

Causes of disasters

Our students performed another miracle not so long ago. They came together and prayed for Australia. The effect was amazing! The long-awaited rain has come to the exhausted land for the first time in a long dry period! A normal rain made the whole continent happy!

And that means we're doing a great job, because the happiness rate on our planet is constantly increasing with our help. 

There appear more happy people. And the world changes radically and becomes better every day from this positive feeling. There is more kindness, care and comfort. 

And it makes each of us happier! 

Happiness is an amazing state. Many people do daily good deeds for those who are near. And even if these are not great deeds, but sometimes there are little things - it is still extremely important. You can help animal shelters, elderly neighbors, poor homeless people, and just please their loved ones with compliments and positive mood. We will teach you this, come to the Field of Love! You will be very surprised when you see that your love and good backfires at you!

Dinner for those having tails 

By helping others, we attract miracles and even amazing healings from serious illnesses.

Margery came to the Field of Love when the doctors had already lost track of her diagnoses. It was easier to say what did NOT hurt rather that what did. In her 53 she felt like an old woman. All the staff of the clinic, where she was seen for years, knew her. She spent all her savings and a small allowance on examinations and treatment. But as soon as she was cured of one disease, two more appeared instead of it...

The constant tension was driving Margery crazy. It's a good thing she decided to come to us. Our Masters performed a unique individual diagnosis. Based on this research, they were able to advice on how to make the diseases retreat. One of the key pieces of advice was to help those who need help as much as possible.

And Margery really found herself! Kindness and responsiveness became her calling card. She couldn't get past crying babies or miserable old people before. And now her enthusiasm was astounding. She had a sweet lollipop or a kind word for everyone. 

No one had ever guessed that buying sweets to other people's children, Margery deprives herself in everything. She even had morning coffee without sugar.

Margery has changed a lot after a number of group classes. She was attentive to the recommendations of her tutors and learned to help massively. She became the curator of a shelter for homeless animals. She spent the whole day with four-legged pets. She treated them, fed them, and looked for new owners for them. She spend all of her modest income on treats for her wards. Sometimes Margery would buy medicines for her pets instead of medicines for herself.

One day, the feed supplier couldn't get to the orphanage for technical reasons. Everyone got worried in a little animal shelter by the evening. The hairy animals were squealing from hunger each in their own way. And those complaining sounds just broke Margery's heart. She took her last money, rushed to the store and bought food for her babies.

Field of Love

That night, Margery was left without dinner. And then in the morning, she went for another regular check-up, and the doctors at the clinic were literally shocked. They couldn't find one of Margery's worst diseases, neither from her tests nor from her scans!

Margery kept going to the clinic for about another year. But each time the periods between checkups increased, diagnoses were cancelled, and her health was steadily getting better and better. All her diagnoses were gradually cancelled. 

A year later there were almost no animals left in the shelter, Margery found a new home and caring owners each of them.

"It was love that healed me," Margery confidently told our new students. She invites everyone to join the Field of Love project. If you want to join the Field of Love project too, please send an email to myfieldoflove@gmail.com  marked "I want to join the "Field of Love". Your kindness will change the world for the better!

Help those who need help, and God will certainly help in return. This law of the universe is never broken. And if it is difficult for you to make a choice and you do not know where to start, come to our events, become volunteers, participate in the Field of love prayer. Pray for the health of relatives and friends, acquaintances and strangers, for starving children and poor old people, for housing for the homeless, for the rains in the drought, for our huge diverse world.

Pray for the all-consuming love that nourishes the universe. And the good rays of this beautiful power of love will warm everyone who you care for!

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