Spring equinox: using an energetically charged period to fulfill wishes

17 March 2020
Spring equinox

Setting the program for achieving success for the whole 2020 

We share a special ritual that helps in revealing predestination, achieving financial well-being, individual happiness and enduring love.

Day of spring equinox: getting ready according to all the rules of energy of success 

New Year is celebrated in different traditions at different times. But from the astrological point of view, the day of the vernal equinox is the beginning of the annual cycle. After all, spring in all cultures is the time of rebirth, the beginning of a new life.

What this life will be like depends a lot on how you meet the spring equinox. On this day, the program for the whole of next year is laid down. Dreams come true and miracles happen to those who believe in them. The spring equinox can become your ally in fulfilling any, the most cherished desires. But for this you need knowledge how to make a wish.

So, let’s start…

1. Summing up the results 

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into 2 columns. In one column, write down all the good things that the year brought. In the other one – all the negative things, troubles and frustrations of the outgoing year. Thank God and the Universe wholeheartedly for each event from both columns. After all, even “shortcomings” are the experience and lessons that are needed to prevent more serious troubles. You were able to achieve everything that you have due to them.

If you have a personal talisman, be sure to take it in your hands during the cleansing ritual. If you don’t have such talisman, you can buy it at any “ Field of Love” seminar or at the individual consultation with our masters. These amulets contain a very powerful energy that can make our thoughts and wishes a thousandfold stronger.

Turn to your talisman with a request for leaving all the negative things in the outgoing year and thus no longer bothering you. Take the list of failures and losses of the year, burn it down and blow the ashes sky-high. The past will disappear in the cleansing flame. And the new year will bring even more positive stuff in response to your sincere gratitude.

2. Working with the body 

Get ready for accepting the special energy of a powerful period of the year. Take a bath with 3 tablespoons of salt (and it’s even better to use special Thursday salt, which is prepared once a year on Maundy Thursday by shamans and has a very powerful cleansing effect) and your favorite essential oil. Let it be invigorating flavor of grapefruit, clean flavor of pine needles or, conversely, soothing mint. It is advisable to add candles and favorite music of transformation to the ritual. The masters of “The Field of Love” provide it in their classes.

Soon you will literally feel how your body is being cleansed. It is relieved from pain and stress. Each cell is filled with happiness and special renewal energy. This is the right mood and physical state to welcome in the new year.

Spring equinox

3. Spring equinox: celebrating with a ritual dance 

After taking the bath, give your whole body and soul to a special dance. We teach how to perform this dance at “The Field of Love” group seminars. Let the music of transformation play and the light of candles stream. And each movement fills you and the surrounding space with absolute love and readiness to accept the powerful positive energy that the new year will bring.

We pay special attention to the sound of music, dance on “The Field of Love” project. Because they are able to harmonize and literally retarget your consciousness, body and soul. The sound of special shamanistic instruments that fill with extraordinary energy helps in this. If you are not familiar with their sound yet, be sure to come to “The Field of Love” seminars. You will be surprised at the wonderful changes that the new year will bring to your destiny.

The Curse of a Family

This is how the right rituals of seeing the new year in helped one of our students, Amelia from Vienna.

Amelia’s grandmother was amazingly beautiful, had an “angel-like” voice, and studied vocals, when she was young. But one day her grandmother (at that time, she was still a young girl) simply lost her voice right before a very important performance that could make her a star. There were no obvious reasons, the doctors were lost and didn’t know what to do.

Strikingly, the grandmother’s talent was passed literally to everyone in the family. Amelia’s uncles had perfect pitch. But they chose more practical occupations, which weren’t related to music. But their sister (Amelia’s mother) decided to develop her talent. She could become a very famous pianist. But by the will of fate at the age of 19, a terrible disease immobilized her joints. It seemed that everyone who got engaged in the creative work in this family went down the path of their grandmother.

When Amelia decided to enroll in the art course, everyone in the family was against it. After all, the women in this family seemed to be cursed. Amelia’s mother didn’t want her to lose her health and the possibility of self-fulfillment at a young age. So she had to choose a more mundane profession of a marketing manager.

In a strange way, the girl didn’t succeed in this sphere either. The companies, in which she worked, became bankrupt one by one. Amelia was simply in despair, until by chance at the invitation of a friend she attended one of the classes of “The Field of Love” project.

 Group classes charged the girl with power and self-confidence. The master made a protecting amulet for her. And the secret of the curse of the creative family was revealed at the individual consultation. It turns out that great-great-grandmother Amelia really offended a talented musician. He cursed her and the whole lineage in a fit of anger. So the family members were doomed to fail if they started career in art.

In order to cope with the curse, Amelia had to perform a series of serious rituals with the masters of “The Field of Love” project. On the day of Spring equinox, the girl herself performed another ritual to fulfill her wishes. She had to cleanse her soul, thoughts, body, perform a ritual of cleansing the apartment and follow a number of recommendations of the master. And only after doing it all she could make a wish. Amelia dreamed of the opportunity to do what she liked to do most of all – creative work.

Spring equinox

Just a few weeks later miracles began to happen. The picture by Amelia was accidentally noticed by an art expert, an owner of the gallery. He found the girl, looked at her other works and was amazed by her talent. A few months later, Amelia gave an interview at her own exhibition. It was a stunning success!

Now Amelia is doing what she likes to do most of all – she paints pictures that bring prosperity and joy of creation. It all happened thanks to “The Field of Love” classes and a special ritual that was performed on the day of Spring equinox.

Do you dream of great changes in your life as well? Then celebrate the Spring equinox in the right way. Use magically charged days to perform a special ritual. It will be performed for you by the masters of “The Field of Love”. You will be able to change your life, free your family of problems, and cleanse your entire lineage. Come to our seminars and individual consultations! Happiness will always go hand in hand with you!

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