The Power of Lineage

Energy laws of luck 

There sometimes happens a run of bad luck in life of any, even a successful person. It's hard for us to understand the cause of failure. It turns out to be related to the lives of our ancestors. The course “Power of Lineage” will help you deal with karmic problems, find your destiny and attract prosperity in all spheres of your life.

Santana, Rio de Janeiro: 

"Tendency for the most splitting migraines has been passed down from generation to generation in the female line of my family. Both my mother and grandmother have suffered from it all their lives. And I have had these exhausting pains since I was a teenager.

Doctors couldn't do anything. They didn't give any recommendations except symptomatic treatment. The folk healers were powerless, too.

I even visited s sorceress. But she couldn't help me either.

My mother-in-law had been attending "The Field of Love" classes for several years and one day, looking at my torment, offered me to join her. I was sure that it was not possible to solve my problem. But I could not refuse her. That's why I came to the class on the appointed day.

The course "Power of lineage" took a special place in my life from day one. At an individual consultation, I learned that the causes of debilitating headaches in women of our lineage are not physiological.

My great-grandmothers had experienced the hardest years, poverty and despair. In fact, it was the time when women were deprived of their rights, often subjected to violence, many were treated as servants. It was a terrible time in my family's history. And the entire country.

And, my great-grandmothers suffered humiliation for decades. And their pain pressed on their blood vessels and manifested itself as terrible migraines

It was because the power of our power of lineage had weakened. To strengthen it, they had to work through all of the negative past of my lineage. I got a strong shaman's amulet and started attending the Field of Love project regularly. And I took a special course the Power of Lineage. Surprisingly, I had migraines less often when the amulet was on me. This prompted me to give magic amulets to the entire female half of my family.

Things have changed since then. My mother even got younger when she felt real life without constant exhausting pain. I learned a lot in class and did a lot to get the Power of Lineage back into our family. And I did it!

My children got a good job, my nieces started their business, very successful, and my favorite niece won a beauty contest!

I realized that helping other people is what counts. After all, no one helped my great grandmothers. But times have changed, thank God, and I can help! Now I also take part in the "Field of Love" events and help women solve various problems, find a way out of a difficult situation, and get support.    

Complicated heritage 

At birth, each of us has a special program of power of lineage. It is this program that affects our predestination, and life in general. This program is formed throughout the entire existence of the Lineage. And our fate is influenced by several generations of ancestors as a result. Their good and evil deeds, positive and negative feelings and emotions penetrate into our life and affect our karma.

The Power of Lineage

So what do we inherit from our grandparents? A lineage home, family jewels, some furniture or cute knickknacks - these are the kind of gifts we are used to from our ancestors. And we don't even think that we inherit much more from them.

We inherit unique talents and abilities, health and longevity. We even inherit the predisposition to success and happiness thanks to the power of our Lineage!

All this is on the one hand. And on the other hand, if there were insecure, weak people in the Lineage who suffered from various addictions and bad habits, then we will inherit such a dubious heritage whether we want it or not. Problems with health, money, personal life - all this is the price we pay for bad actions and deeds once done (not by us!).

The Power of Lineage course is designed specifically to teach everyone to correct their destiny and restore the power in the Lineage. It helps you find your destiny and start a completely new successful and rich life, find happiness and be healthy!

In addition to attending classes, you need to work on your own. What can you do to restore the power of your Lineage? 

1. Forgive your ancestors their mistakes and pray for them. 

But you can't forget your living parents and your other relatives. Love and respect them, keep in touch with them all the time, help them, even if you are separated by thousands of miles. Give them your warmth and care. But do not allow them to mistreat you.

2. Seek help from your shaman ancestor. 

The strongest help can come from a shaman ancestor. Of course, you can not address him directly, but it can be done through the guide shaman of the "Fields of Love. The ancestor shaman will give you the Power. And this Power can do a lot: help in business, reveal talents, even cure diseases.

3. Work on your karmic problems. 

This is a very difficult task and it will not work without the help of an experienced specialist.

So come to the "Field of Love" events, sign up for group classes and attend seminars. You may need individual consultation from our master if you don't understand the reason for all your failures. Our mentors will help you find the root cause of the problem and overcome it.

4. Get family talismans. 

If you still don't have your family jewels, it's time to get them! No, we're not talking about expensive diamonds.

Let it be an object made of stone, wood or metal, but it must contain the most powerful spirit power.

The Power of Lineage

Our masters will help you find such amulets for your whole family at the Field of Love events. The amulet will protect your entire lineage, will not let it weaken, which means that your children will live a richer, more successful and happier life than you. And, of course, better so than your great grandmothers.

You need the Power to overcome any difficulty. And it will surely come to you if you come to us with new students. Bring those who need help to the Field of Love events. The more women you can help by telling about us, the faster the result will be. Check - it really works. The power has already helped millions, no doubt it will help you too.

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