Let’s help the planet in this difficult time!

31 March 2020

We are looking for talented people!

It can already be safely stated that the coronavirus has affected every inhabitant of the Earth. This entails not just the diseased. Our life has changed a lot. Someone has lost the job, and therefore, livelihoods; someone is in absolute quarantine; someone (like doctors across the globe) endangers their lives every minute. So, today a lot of people need material, physical, moral help. The Field of Love invites everyone to take part in the great mission of helping the planet.

Who needs help 

We do not know when and how the coronavirus pandemic will end. But even the most optimistic financial experts suggest that its economic consequences will affect all of us.

Many of our students, their relatives, colleagues, friends cannot work in strict quarantine. Someone was made redundant or sent on unpaid leave. Small charitable foundations are in serious times now: the borders are closed, what means that it is almost impossible to buy and, most importantly, to deliver rare imported medicine. Medicine that could save someone's life. Indeed, in addition to the coronavirus infected in the world, millions of people suffer from serious diseases. Now their future is in question ...

No, this article does not encourage you to put yourself out about how bad things are.

On the contrary, we suggest you to think about what kind of help you need and what kind of help you are ready to provide, according to your abilities and capabilities. Even if you are locked at home, it does not mean that you cannot help. You can!

We are looking for talented people! 

So, let's start with those who are without work and money. Do you know such people? Then send them a link to this article right now! The Field of Love will financially support those who are ready to help our planet with their talents and abilities. They can be opened in different ways, for example, to become part of our team.

We will invite the people to become part of our family, who can:

  1. Transcribe videos in different languages.
  2. Type contacts in different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
  3. Post links and recommendations on the forums.
  4. Create descriptions for YouTube videos in English, German, French.
  5. Rewrite articles in English, German, Spanish and French.
  6. Copyright articles in English, German, Spanish and French.
  7. Do researches on freelance sites and job search portals.
  8. Edit videos.
  9. Offer other skills and experience to help the charity movement Field of Love.

The charity movement Field of Love helps millions of people around the world. It relieves them of fear and loneliness, illnesses and failures, complexes and underachievement. Together we will help the people of the Earth.


So, becoming a part of our team, you will take part in a great mission - saving and protecting our planet!

Of course, we offer to become a part of this mission not only for those who need money too much. If you are willing to help charitable, indicate this in the application. If you have a difficult financial situation, indicate this too, Field of Love will help everyone.

You can also receive energy assistance, healing, protection through special rituals that tutors, shamans, spiritual tutors are ready to provide to help you and all your lineage.

New Opportunities 

We began this article with the fact that many people need moral and energy support in this difficult time. On the one hand, sitting at home is not bad at all. On the other hand, many people feel uncomfortable in an unusual situation.

What should we do? First of all, do not panic! There is simply no reason for panic, sooner or later the epidemic will decline and we will all return to normal life.

Secondly, look at the situation positively. What did quarantine or self-isolation give us? More free time!

Do not spend your time reading hysterical news in your content feed. Spend it on yourself!

You have a great opportunity to do self-development, to take good care of your health and your state of mind.

Despite the closed borders, the Field of Love does not stop its activity for a minute! Where the emergency situation regime has not yet been introduced (or has already been canceled), we continue to conduct group practices. Be sure to join it, participate in it and invite your friends to group prayers Field of Love.

Your power, benevolence, compassion are now more than ever needed by billions of people around the world!

Pray for them, pray for the future of all mankind, and then the spirit of the coronavirus will be defeated! The epidemic will stop!

Well, if you do not have the opportunity to leave the house, do it online! Our tutors conduct online seminars and webinars, answer your letters, give advice almost every day now.


What is bothering you now?

  • Do you worry about close relatives, especially the aged ones, because they are at risk?
  • Do you experience depression, fears, panic attacks?
  • Do you worry about the financial situation in the nearest future and want to learn how to be friends with the Spirit of Money Dzayan Dzayachi?
  • You do not know how to apply your talents and abilities or how to open them?

The Field of Love will help you in all these matters!

Do not be alone with your fears and doubts - write us!

If you want to help aged neighbors, but don’t know where to start, contact us and we will tell you. If you afraid that this whole situation will de-energize you, start doing special energy exercises and protective rituals, which we will be happy to share with you!

Coronavirus is not something that kills us, it is what separates us.

Therefore, it is so important in this difficult time for all mankind to unite with kindred spirits, to communicate with tutors, to help those who need it even by a small amount!

You already know about the charity movement Field of Love, but many of your friends or colleagues do not. Tell them about us, send links to our social networks, articles, videos. Changing one life for the better, you are changing the whole world! The universe will certainly thank you with the health and prosperity of your close people!

Today is not the rough patch of your life, but the takeoff strip! Do not miss the opportunity to open all the treasures of your soul!

And be healthy!))

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