The “Field of love” will help stop the spirits of the elements!

7 April 2020
Field of love

How to prevent natural and man-made disasters? 

Lack of love and excess aggression in society give the green light to a powerful destructive energy that sweeps everything in its path. Think of the recent wildfires in Australia and South America. It was the lungs of our planet that burned. What's happening now? Again, the problem with the lungs – only this time the whole of humanity is suffering. The coronavirus leads to problems of the pulmonary system. The reason for these two phenomena is the same. And the “Field of love” will help you defeat it!

How to stop evil? 

The energy of destruction does not arise from nowhere. Our anger and irritation, rudeness and aggression, envy and indifference generate a powerful flow of this negative energy, which overflows, spills out in different parts of the planet.

The information environment around us is also saturated with negativity. From the TV screen, from the pages of newspapers, from the Internet, we learn mostly about murders, violence, robberies, catastrophes and natural disasters. And even the society columns are full of gossip and scandals.

We accumulate negativity and gradually begin to radiate it ourselves. We are constantly in conflict in everyday life, at work, on public transport, in stores. And when you get home, you can no longer handle your emotions. We direct the negative at our loved ones. And a happy family collapses under the influence of aggression, quarrels, resentments, and misunderstandings begin…

This vicious circle does not allow us to change our lives for the better.

The energy of destruction more and more takes possession of us and dictates its conditions.

And it is even more frightening to see that nature is gradually yielding its position, unable to handle all the negative that comes from modern society. And these problems are becoming global.

Unexpected floods occur in parts of the world where it would seem that it should never happen. Powerful hurricanes that sweep away everything in their path are increasingly hitting localities. Forest fires are destroying acres of beautiful forests all over the planet...

People are trying to stop terrible cataclysms. Volunteers who care about the future of our planet also come to help. Among them are the students of the “Field of love”.

But to change the situation, you need to stop the destructive force. How? A creative force must counter it.

About the power of love 

The creative force is the energy of love. The more love we sow in this world, the less various catastrophes and crimes will occur.

Field of love

But there is too little love in the modern world. Open the divorce statistics and you will be shocked – almost every second marriage breaks up! And every hour one woman dies from domestic violence! Not from an illness, not from an accident, not from the terrible coronavirus, but from the hands of a loved one! Imagine that! It's just awful…

And how many orphans, how many poor old people have been left behind by the will of fate and are forced to beg, starve and spend nights under bridges?

Our world can only be saved by universal efforts. Only love. It stops catastrophes, it will cure us of the coronavirus.

That is why 20 years ago we created the "Field of love" project, which unites those who are concerned about the fate of our planet, who are ready to make every effort to stop the murder, violence, eliminate poverty and solve the problem of starvation.

Prayer for the planet 

When we gather together, we always participate in the strongest "Field of love" circular prayer, which works wonders. After all, the more participants of the prayer stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder, the more powerful the power of our prayer grows. This is confirmed by the real results demonstrated by our students and mentors.

In different periods, the “Field of love” prayer stopped the strongest tsunamis, epidemics and earthquakes.

Every year we gather in different parts of the world to prevent natural cataclysms, reduce the risk of man-made disasters, and decrease the aggression in the modern society. We pray that our beautiful planet will receive the life-giving energy of love.

We invite all concerned people to become participants of the "Field of love" project. Write to us to The subject line should be "I want to join the "Field of love".

Field of love

Sign up for group classes and seminars, and we will perform the miraculous “Field of love” circular prayer together. Our mentors will conduct an individual consultation for you, which will allow you to determine your problems. And then the master will teach you how to help yourself by prayer, how to support your Lineage and restore its strength, how to help other people. You can use the power of magic amulets and talismans.

Tell your friends and relatives about the “Field of love” and share with them our articles and videos. Let's stop the destructive energy!

Theory of good deeds 

And most importantly, be always open to help. Perhaps it will be a forest clearing filled up with piles of garbage left by careless tourists. Or maybe it will be a wounded nestling that has fallen out of the nest. Or an elderly woman, whom you will help carry heavy bags to the house. Do not pass by, help. Do what you can.

Love is the highest value that lives in the heart of a person. It should be given without looking back, because the more you give, the more you will get back. It will return as a good deed in response, as a green leaf, bright sunlight, happy eyes of your loved ones.

Every day, do at least one good deed, give positive emotions to others, say compliments to friends and strangers, and the love in your heart will grow.

Then there will be much more love in the whole world, and the world will be kinder.

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