How the pandemic Coronavirus wanted to separate us, but finally united us 

The worst thing about Coronavirus pandemic of and quarantine is separation. The forces of Evil are making every effort to make us feel alone and needless. Which means we all have to do everything we can to stop it. In this article we will tell you how to unite, if the borders are closed and there is no possibility to leave home.

Stop panicking! 

The Coronavirus has split humanity in the middle. And strangely enough, not in the healthy ones and the sick. But the panic-mongers and the sober-minded ones. It is the first group who buy carts full of food at supermarkets. They buy everything and anything. They cause collective panic. However, there is no deficit of food in the world, but the deficit of love is simply huge!

Love is exactly what brought people together at all times. And modern reality is no exception. And what unites us will certainly make us stronger.

There is an old saying: we will endure everything together, but we will die if separated. Its relevance is still undeniable.

The measures that are taken to protect people from the coronavirus, in fact, have objectively separated us. Each of us is caged up within four walls, in our microcosm, alone with our fears and experiences. We are afraid of possible infection, forgetting that coronavirus is essentially an ARVI. Yes, it's the ARVI that we've all been infected with a hundred times. And doctors suggest that up to 70% of the world's people will be infected with coronavirus in the coming years.

And many people won't even notice it. After all, we sometimes do not even pay attention to a slight fever and a slightly itchy throat. But all of us, thus, develop a collective immunity to this disease, and coronavirus will no longer be dangerous to modern humans.

 Evil in quarantine 

The most frightening thing is separation. Remember Lucifer! He was also one of God's students. But once he decided to act alone, to isolate himself, as we call it now. And what happened in the end? He got hell, hell of fire, pain, fear, death. And God has a fragrant Paradise, universal love, kindness and mercy.

Any isolation bears the impress of evil and grief. When we are separated, it is easier to control us, hold us and manipulate us. We are intimidated by the closure of borders, the cancellation of flights and rail travel, and the postponement of cultural and sporting events. But even when we are in quarantine or self-isolation, we can join forces! And we must do it!


Please note: our world has indeed joined forces when faced an unknown attack. Evil does its best to separate us but nothing works out!

Spaniards and Italians sing and dance on balconies and rooftops. And they applause to the doctors who work round-the-clock at a certain time every day. And every day they applaud louder and longer. Medical professionals have united in their desire to help people. And people in return have united in sincere gratitude to them!

Online cinemas provide an opportunity to watch movies absolutely free of charge during the quarantine. Artists and musicians organize online concerts and performances. And all this is absolutely free! Now, in order to get to the concerts of world stars, you don’t even need to get up from the sofa!

The most famous fashion houses do their best to sew medical masks for some time. Concerns producing elite cosmetics, have established uninterrupted production of sanitizers. Networks of the largest hotels around the world are equipping their premises for sick people, because there is already a catastrophic shortage of wards in hospitals. Legendary automobile concerns began to produce devices for artificial lung ventilation.

Thousands of caring people are helping their elderly neighbors buy food and medicine so that they don't have to leave home at risk of infection.

 Many people have teamed up to volunteer with charities and hospitals.

And there also appeared many more opportunities for communication! We are learning a whole new experience of online parties and joint yoga or fitness training.

 And some people are learning foreign languages together in real time, some are taking vocal lessons and some are learning sculptural composition.

 Can you believe how our reality is changing?!

 Let's help the world! 

Remember at the beginning of this article we said that only love can stop a pandemic? That's why the world prayer "Field of Love" will be held in 7 languages on a special astrological date - 12 April. And we are waiting for each of you very much! Join this great event and you will be able to become a part of that amazing Power that will save our world:


Last time the "Field of Love" prayer was help on 22 February. And a real miracle happened on this day. WHO confirmed that the number of those who recovered from coronavirus was maximal!

And remember, the more people take part in this prayer, the more lives we will save!

We are, of course, waiting for you not only on 12 April! You can participate in our prayers every Sunday at 14:00 GMT. And you can also continue your spiritual development online. Yes, our tutors conduct events remotely. Video courses and webinars will allow you to find happiness, success and, of course, health.

The epidemic will end sooner or later. And the sense of unity will stay. So do not hesitate, share a link to this article with your friend or colleague, invite them to prayer on 12 April and to the classes of "Field of Love". And one more thing: be sure to wash your hands and clean the timeline in your social networks - it is more infectious and toxic than any virus))). 


Dear Ones ~
It’s a beautiful thing
to truly sing
from the awakening heart
as each plays his/her part
in stirring pot of kosmic love

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