Shamanic Music Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

17 April 2020
Shamanic healing music

What is the power of such music? 

The shamanic healing music of transformation is an absolutely amazing thing. It heals of diseases, stress, depression, and bad luck. Why it happens, we tell in this article.

What is music therapy?

If a person fell ill or there began an epidemic in a settlement, they turned to a shaman in ancient times. It was he who saw the cause of any disease - the evil spirit - and fought against it in a subtle plane.

For such a struggle shamans used special musical instruments, which helped to destroy the dark essence of spirits by their vibrations, a certain sound wave.

One of them - called guimbarde or jaw’s harp - was invented in Asia. It is used to create a very beautiful and rhythmic melody that accompanied the transition of the shaman's soul between worlds.

Shamanic music is a very powerful tool. It creates a powerful protective field, immunity from coronavirus, cleans the space at home energetically. Today, when the world has been captured by the spirit of coronavirus, it is necessary to pay special attention to your own protection, protection of your lineage and your home. That's why we recommend obtaining shamanic healing music.

What are shamanic songs? 

Shaman songs, which are usually the reproduction of certain sounds, are not mechanical notes. This process is caused by the music of transformation. Why is that? When a person gives himself up to the flow of a melody completely, letting it into his body and soul, he can feel something that he has not felt before. These feelings can make you want to dance, sing, and move or do something else.  

It is important not to limit yourself in this. This is the moment when you are completely free and united with rhythm, with nature. That's what shamans do.

This process allows them to go beyond what is possible, and to come into absolute contact with the forces of nature.

When there is a shaman next to you who performs a ritual and makes certain sounds, you are most likely to feel the huge energy that comes from him. This is the Power that the shaman transmits to you. It will help you to achieve success, to find love, to create harmony in the family, to reveal all your talents. In other words, it launches the process of global transformation of your life.

Shamanic healing music

Universe Database 

We used to thinking that music is a pleasure. But scientists believe that music is a huge information field, a kind of universal "database" of beauty.

Simply put, it is information that is given to people from above so that they decipher it and understand the world around them.

It, of course, initially concerns the so-called classical music - because it is the music that brings a person closer to the divine harmony better than others: makes him more pure and kinder, shapes his personality and even heals of many ailments.

It is not without reason that, many sessions in the temples of almost all religions are accompanied by "spiritual" music, capable of bringing into a trance and help to break away from the hustle and bustle.  

It should be noted that the famous Sigmund Freud made good progress in treating physical and mental illnesses of his patients with the help of music. By the way, as the basis he took the knowledge of ancient shamans, who influenced the sick people with special music, whose specific sounds and rhythms they were able to decipher perfectly.

Modern shamans also have these skills: you can see it personally by listening to the shamanic healing music of transformation in the classroom and during circular prayers "Field of Love".

Shamanic healing music

Carolina, Chicago: 

My baby's been sick all the previous year. We visited all the doctors, had a bunch of tests, but all the vindicators showed he was healthy. Only I felt there was something wrong with him. A baby, even a small one like this, can not cry all the time. It's like he's in terrible pain.

We stayed awake at night; we were ready to drop from tiredness and despair. How can we help the dearest person in the world?

I searched for the answer on specialized forums. I read so much medical literature that I could take exam in pediatrics...

I came to the "Field of Love" class with this pain. And there they advised to let the baby listen to the shamanic healing music of transformation before going to bed. Nothing happened for the first few nights. And then my son started to fall asleep! First, just for half an hour. And then, after a while, he slept all night without waking up. The masters of "Field of Love" explained to me that shamanic music worked – it drove away the dark spirit of disease! Isn't it a miracle?!

I also started feeling better. Of course, I also started sleeping) But I listened to the shamanic healing music every free minute in the afternoon.

The migraines, which I've suffered from since I was a teenager, disappeared!

I got up full of strength, joyful, calm in the morning!

Now we listen to the music of transformation whenever we can! It really exorcises disease and makes life better!"

Sign up for our seminars, come for individual consultations and our masters will select the music of transformation for your case. Such music will help not only you, but also your relatives and friends, if you give them a CD with shamanic songs!

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