How to overcome the fear of getting infected during the pandemic 

The more people get infected with coronavirus (and there are almost 2 million of them already!), the more panic there is in the world. Doctors, scientists, economists, politicians give forecasts for the future in the range from "everything will be bad" to "everything will be very, very bad". It is clear that this information field can scare anyone. So how to get rid of the fear of getting infected with coronavirus and stop tormenting yourself with thoughts about the health of your loved ones? The "Field of Love" gives answers to these questions.

Universal equilibrium 

They often ask us question: "Why did God create evil entities and spirits, if he always wants only good things for his children? " at the Field of Love events. Shamanism defines life as a well-balanced mechanism of the universe very clearly. Evil spirits play an important role in this complex process. They serve as a powerful irritant that forces people to develop spiritually and to be demanding toward themselves.   

What am I? What do I live for? What can I do for the world? These are the questions that become relevant for us in times of catastrophes and world disasters, bloody wars, natural disasters, deadly epidemics.

How would we live if there were no troubles and diseases on our planet? I'm sure we would have just stopped developing! We'd get stuck in a deceptive state of complacency and peace. The connection to nature, to the spirits, to the universe would have been lost. This would lead to the complete loss of space energy in our lives and would cause misfortunes, diseases, financial problems, conflicts with loved ones.

Can you imagine the tricky irony of the universe? We think that we may be killed by a catastrophe or coronavirus epidemic. In reality moral laziness is much more dangerous for us.

Why is coronavirus simply necessary for mankind from the perspective of the highest cosmic and spiritual laws? Coronavirus simulates such a chain of events for each person, in which they become improved versions of what they are now. This virus makes us rethink life values and our spiritual development in a new way. It gives us an opportunity to remember the most precious moments of life that we have missed in the daily routine.

It gives us the impetus to improve spiritually, and in so doing, it gives us power and energy.

But first we must understand how to overcome our fear of the virus and go through the most difficult period of quarantine. So, what can help you stop being afraid of getting infected by the coronavirus?

1. Prayer 

So how can we help fight the coronavirus? Clearly not being worried or frightened for our loved ones. All the negativity that we experience is a great food for the evil spirit of coronavirus. That is why, not wanting it, we feed it with our emotions and thus make it stronger and fiercer.

You should not overthink the idea that your elderly relatives might get infected. This fear will take hold of your soul and will not allow you to think reasonably. Instead, try to make sure that your loved ones have a minimum chance of getting sick. Encourage them to follow personal hygiene rules, provide them with masks and antiseptics, and buy them food. Call them more often, share the positive and stop talking about the virus. 

Get a grip in yourself when you feel anxiety and fear for the people you care about.

Remember that each person is filled with spiritual energy, and only you decide how to spend it. Spend it in prayer for those you love.

One of the most powerful is the Field of Love prayer. It has the unique power to destroy the spirits of disease and viruses and return confidence in their abilities and health to people.

It is most effective to say your prayer in the company of like-minded people. Contact the Love Field Coordinator in your city and ask about the days they have group activities. If there is no strict quarantine regime in your area, you can join a circular prayer in the group, a prayer that has truly infinite power. If you are not able to leave your home, join our online prayers.

Do not sit idle, but start acting! Take the initiative, invite your friends and relatives to prayers. Only by joining forces will we be able to turn to the spirit of health and overcome the fear of the disease.


2. Good deeds 

Doctors are frightened that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous for older people, for our parents and grandparents. And that's no surprise, because they're overtaken by the spirit of fear.  But it's not because death scares them. They're nervous because we, their children, are under attack. After all, because of the economic crisis, we can lose our jobs, late loan payments, lose our source of income, and just get sick - young people also have a hard time with this disease.

The "Field of Love" project always calls to maintain relations with the whole Lineage, to communicate with all relatives, especially the elderly ones. It is more relevant than ever in today's world.

Protect your elderly relatives from contact with the outside world as much as possible. Call them every day and talk about something interesting, distract them from heavy thoughts. Direct all your energy to help those who need it. And these people don't have to be your relatives. You have elderly neighbors and just acquaintances living next to you.

You can even offer them a remote job during quarantine if they were unfortunate to lose their income.

3. Information hygiene

The evil spirit of coronavirus is trying to separate us. And it's really succeeding in it. We no longer have the opportunity to meet friends, go to concerts together, to restaurants, and even to work. We sit in front of the TV or computer screen, absorbing the negative that comes out of the news feed all day long. And we gradually succumb to general panic.

When you start sharing unverified facts or videos of questionable origin, you only strengthen the power of the coronavirus.

If you really want to please and support your relatives and friends, share with them positive stories about the trip to the Place of Power, about the invaluable experience gained at our training, about the boundless power of the "Field of Love" prayer.

Help and support each other, invite those you care about to our online activities, send them links to our materials. Only by joining our efforts will we be able to defeat this terrible spirit!

Valerie, Paris: 

"I've had a rare disease, misophobia since I was a child. It is expressed in manic fear of dirt, bacteria and viruses. I grew up in a family of doctors and my cleanliness has always been an example for my sisters and brothers. My friends and numerous acquaintances believe that I am a crazy stickler for cleanness. But they have come to terms with my "weirdness" and ignore it over the years.

But nobody knows how morally difficult it is to live with such fears and to overcome the phobia every day.

How not to go crazy from washing dishes several times in the afternoon? And I am not even speaking about work-related issues… And the older I got, the harder it was.

Of course, I was looking for a treatment option, because I come from a family of doctors, as I said. But alas, such things can not be cured, you can stop the symptoms and smooth out panic attacks. And only when I attended to the "Field of Love" class, I found hope for recovery…

I have come a long and difficult way through individual consultations, ceremonies, rituals, special classes. During this time I have found true like-minded people, whom I met during group lessons and retreats.

As a result, now I have almost completely got rid of my phobia.

But so far, I have been doing the Field of Love prayer and special spiritual practices taught by my mentors especially in difficult moments. I don't know how this is possible, but it really works!

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