Why are the seminars held by the Field of Love movement priceless?

6 May 2020
Why are the Love Field movement seminars so expensive?

According to the representatives of the movement 

We all wish we were always healthy, happy and successful. But not everyone can achieve this. From this article you will know why this happens and how the success can be achieved.

Pig in a poke

We are often asked why the Field of Love movement lessons are so expensive. But it is important to understand what to compare them to. Usually people do not realize the true worth of such events. They had never had the opportunity to feel such type of energy, because it was just not possible for them to use this type of service before. For example, air ticket prices are also very high, and this fact, however, comes as no surprise to anyone. After all, there are no other ways to cross the ocean and get to another continent quickly.

If you want to get to an island halfway around the world, you will pay a goodish sum of money for the tickets. But this will hardly be a surprise for you.

One could argue that trips to the farthest corners of our planet do not happen in our life often, while the Field of Love events are held regularly. However, every day many people spend on coffee the sum of money, which is equal in value of one group lesson per week. And a ticket to the cinema will come to about the same amount.

People can gladly spend their money and time without hesitation, just to not miss the screening of a new film. This is normal because everyone is used to do that. Premiere films are advertised constantly. But when people are invited to a seminar, they are reluctant to do it. 

The reason is that people don’t realize the true value of the knowledge that we offer. Many of them are even sure that they get a pig in a poke))) Indeed, what is purification of karma? People have no idea what result they can get of this ritual.

A cake, new shoes and a car are all material and familiar items of expenditure. They are advertised everywhere and come as no surprise.

For example, in the expensive perfume commercial, a model poses clinging to a sexy guy. And the girls perceive that as a guide to action and acquire only such perfume, not paying attention to its high cost. Because in their understanding the result of using this perfume is that they will get the attention of the same guy as in advertising. However, reality will ultimately disappoint them.

But, despite this, they will still spend money on what this ad demonstrates.

After all, they picture to themselves (or believe that they picture) the result of their purchase. But they have no idea what result they should expect from the procedure of purification of karma. For them it is difficult to imagine that because of this ritual, their life will radically change for better, they will be able to heal themselves, make things right with a partner, and help their families and friends become happy.

Why are the Love Field movement seminars so expensive?

The Wheel of Samsara 

Can you answer the question what the price of your health is, if anyone asks? Hardly. Because it is above price! And when new students come to the Field of Love seminars and begin to practice constantly, their health and well-being become much better.

Before getting to our events, most people are treated in expensive clinics without success and spend enormous amounts of money on the best doctors and medicines for a long time. And no one recommends the purification of karma to them!

Such a person needed help and support from other people. But the “armchair experts” advised him or her different clinics, surgery operations and insanely expensive drugs instead.

And this person was confident that an expensive treatment implied an excellent result. But, unfortunately, this was not so.

The treatment was unsuccessful, and the money were wasted. However, the person remains hopeful that next time everything will work out, and everything starts again in a circle. This phenomenon is also called the Wheel of Samsara ...

What is the reason for that? The reason is obvious. Our reality rests on three industries, the so-called three pillars.

First of all, this is food. After all, most of our money is spent to purchase products and various delicacies. A supermarket can be found in every house. We are caught up in gluttony, and sometimes we even don’t know how else to pamper ourselves. We don’t even have time to throw away products that we haven’t eaten. But then we go to the store to buy new food again. An abundance of food and a sedentary lifestyle cause obesity and diseases at people.

And the disease makes us turn to the next, pharmaceutic industry. Like supermarkets, pharmacies are located everywhere. Trying to eliminate the problems that arose due to improper nutrition, we buy medicines for all of life's emergencies.

And then we throw ourselves into the third industry - the beauty industry. It gives us the opportunity to hide our diseases and shortcomings under cosmetics.

Eyelashes and eyebrows, artificial nails and expensive substances for wrinkles and bruises under the eyes - all these tricks create only the illusion of a beautiful and healthy person.

And hiding our problems under the make-up, we lose time that we could spend on healing.

Why are the Love Field movement seminars so expensive?

Is there a way to change our lives? 

People just don't know another way of living. But it’s in our power to make a difference! Energy, as well as health or happiness cannot be bought for money. But we can get energy from the Universe, from nature, from the Places of Power. And in order to learn how to use this energy properly, it is necessary to attend seminars of the Field of Love movement, which are currently held online and are available to everyone!

During the lessons of the Field of Love movement, you will receive invaluable experience in completing the individual practices. You will also experience the protective properties of amulets and understand how it all works.

It is then that you realize that the cost of lessons is not high at all, because in return you gain truly invaluable knowledge and skills that will change your life and turn you into a healthy, happy and successful person.

During the Field of Love movement lessons, you will get the opportunity to meet other students, hear their amazing stories about how the movement has changed their fate for the better. You will see with your own eyes how strong and successful an ordinary person can become by constantly developing the energy abilities presented by nature.

You won’t see this in TV shows and commercials. So, listen to your heart and make the right choice. Among the abundance of stupid advertising, choose the path of spiritual development in order to change your destiny and the fate of your loved ones.

Higher powers will help you do this. It is important to open your heart to these changes, this pure Power that comes from the master during the seminar. You can purchase protective amulets, and they will strengthen your energy. And the result will really stun you!

So, choosing between Hawaiian beaches and a retreat to the Place of Power, choose your happy future!

Probably, in cost they will differ not that much from each other, but the knowledge gained in the retreat is simply incommensurable in price. This is health and natural beauty, happiness and harmony in the family, and wonderful changes in your life!

Divine power have chosen the Field of Love movement to be your guide, and it will help you find the right path!

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