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The coronavirus epidemic has changed the world completely. One question came up for each person now: how to survive in a pandemic, how to protect yourself from coronavirus, how not to get sick and stay alive? Are there any real ways to protect yourself and your close people from the insidious virus? The Field of Love suggests to turn to the wise experience of our ancestors, who knew how to control nature and knew special ways of protection against any disease.

1. We carry out house cleaning 

A virus is an invisible enemy that can enter your home on clothes and hands. It settles on any surface: furniture, door handles, wherever there is movement of air and energy. Therefore, you need not only to wash your hands thoroughly, but also to keep your house clean.

The most effective way to clean your home is to use black salt. This is a specially prepared salt, which is made once a year at a certain astrological moment.

Cleaning with black salt will help to remove from the house all energy dirt that we can not see.

The charity movement Field of Love will tell you how to conduct energy protection of home properly. Write to us, we will reply as soon as possible!

2. Cleansing the body with water 

Water is the main source of nutrition for our body, which fills it with life-giving power. The charity movement Field of Love will teach you how to prepare drinking water properly according to an old recipe. Such a remedy will help to cleanse your body and the surrounding area from the negative effects of the virus.

In the evening, you fill a suitable glass container (you can use a jug or a decanter) with one or two glasses of drinking water for each family member. Cover the container with shamanic symbols: the Spirit of Umai, the Spirit of Siberia and the Spirit of Agda. Such water must be left overnight so that it is saturated with a healing spirit. Every morning, each member of the family should drink one glass on an empty stomach.

Before drinking healing water, you need to let all negative thoughts go, focus on your own health and think only good thoughts.

Before swallowing a sip of healing water, think about its life-giving power, about the positive effect that it can give to your body. Slowly drink a glass of water at a regular interval of about 15 minutes. Such tactics will allow you to cleanse the body of the virus and negative energy.

We advise to prepare daily a sufficient amount of healing drinking water and carefully monitor its consumption by each family member.


3. Proper breathing 

Breathing exercises are very important for pneumonia and lung disease. There are many breathing exercises, the best and most effective one is “snake” breathing. This is a strong shamanic practice to destroy the virus and negative energy dirt.

Remember that any negative energy, including the virus, entering our body through the breath, poisons it and acts like a poison.

Only daily breathing exercises can save you from a viral infection, diseases of the throat, thyroid gland and weakening of the body's immune system as a whole. Using them, you will forget about a severe headache in the form of migraine, increase your immunity and cleanse the body of negative energy.

Important: for constant performing the “snake” breathing exercise - the air in the room should be fresh, preferably at room temperature.

Breathing technique 

  1. Your pose should be comfortable, the spine straight, relax your arms.
  2. Close your eyes to concentrate on breathing. Remove all extraneous thoughts from your consciousness.
  3. Before you breathe in, tilt your head back and stretch out your tongue, folding it in the form of a groove or tube.
  4. A slow, very deep breath should be whistling, as if you are drinking divine healing nectar, which is beneficially settling down the throat.
  5. After breathing in, remove your tongue and close your mouth. Press the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth and rub it, but hold your breath.
  6. While holding your breath, start moving your head in a circle to the right, then down.
  7. When the head fell down and the chin is pressed to the chest, exhale all the air, sticking out the tongue as much as possible. As you exhale, shout “Ha” slowly. This will help to drive out all the negativity.
  8. Open your eyes as wide as possible.
  9. Close your mouth.
  10. Hold your breath as you exhale, and continue to move your head in a circle to the left, then up, continuing to massage the upper roof with the tip of the tongue.
  11. In the upper position, fold the tongue again and draw in the air (prana), feeling how the prana fills your entire being with a thin stream. Hold your breath.
  12. While holding your breath, perform a smooth rotation of the head in a circle in the opposite direction: left and down.
  13. When the head is down, the chin is pressed to the chest, open your mouth wide again and exhale with the sound “ha” all the heavy energy.
  14. On holding the breath after exhalation, continue to rotate your head in a circle through the right side up.
  15. Repeat the whole chain of movements.

The Field of Love recommends doing this breathing exercise at least six times a day. It helps to eliminate coronavirus poisonous ether from the body, to oxidize the blood properly and to increase immunity.

This universal exercise can be used by people of any age, from very young children to the elderly, who have problems with the lungs and upper respiratory tract.

Anna from the Czech Republic shared her story: 

“I had chronic respiratory diseases since childhood. The medicine chest was filled with expensive medications that help complete breathing. But it was still impossible to live a full-on life. Periodic asthma attacks and regular bronchitis poisoned my life too much.

And so, a few years ago, I attended the seminar Field of Love and learned about the ability to cope with my breathing problem without medicine. I mastered the practice of "snake" breathing. I conducted special ceremonies with the masters, learned a lot of useful information about nutrition and сleansing not only the body, but also the energy envelope. I changed my lifestyle completely. All this time I had with me a unique Object of Power, which helped me in a difficult retreat from the disease. And it retreated!

I threw away all the pills and bottles 3 years ago! And I continue to attend seminars Field of Love. Thanks to our unique tutors! ”

4. Protect your close people 

Protecting our close people is our first priority. In coronavirus conditions, every elderly person with weak immunity is at risk. Help older people to provide a comfortable life: buy products and everything they need, communicate with them and call them more often.

Stay calm and don't panic. The family ties should be strengthened in this difficult time.

Not only total isolation, but also energy practices can really help in the fight against coronavirus. The practices Field of Love will help you in this! We give many answers to the most pressing questions for everyone: what is a pandemic? How to recover your body on your own? How to help your close people? Further guidance and personalized assistance are available at our online seminars. Join us anytime!


Do you want to save the world from a terrible epidemic and protect your close people? The circular prayer Field of Love takes place every Sunday at 14:00 GMT! Join now! Be with us!

If you have the opportunity to help other people, Field of Love offers a job in quarantine regime. Work remotely and help to make life better during this difficult time. Tell everyone in need about the help from the Field of Love. Take care of yourself!

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