domestic violence

Why quarantine destroys our relationships with loved ones and how to fix it

The coronavirus must have affected every family. Caught in forced quarantine or self-isolation, family members started quarreling, having hard feelings toward each other, scandalize much oftener. The statistics of domestic violence is sad: the UN reports that the number of victims of domestic tyranny has doubled! The Field of Love project will tell you what to do, how to save your family and avoid conflicts.

Reasons for domestic conflicts 

Let's see why people, even close, loving members of the same family, quarrel. The true cause of all conflicts is lack of energy. Because relationship is an energy exchange.

Now remember how your family lived before quarantine. Everyone had their passions, hobbies and interests. Some people were doing yoga or dancing. Others were into gastronomy, constantly making complex or unusual dishes. Someone devoted all their free time to sports. And we went to work, held household and studies.

We had so many affairs, and they gave everyone a huge charge of energy.

You exchanged this energy with each other, fed or better said - recharged - each other. This mutual energy exchange gave you a feeling of joy and pleasure from each other.

And now many have been trapped in four walls. People simply have no place to take energy, because they do not go anywhere, they do not get any new impressions. As a result, we have nothing to share with each other. The energy starts to fade, stagnate like in a swamp, and it generates conflicts.

But that doesn't mean there's no way out! The Field of Love project recommends 5 ways to fill the energy gap.

1. Keep your distance. 

Of course, there is no need to keep from your partner and children two meters away, like from strangers in a store. Just try to stay isolated from each other as much time as possible. Go to different rooms, do what you are interested in. You can get new experiences without leaving your home. The Internet will help you with that!

All kinds of events are held now online: the Field of Love classes, educational lectures, yoga marathons, concerts, virtual tours of the best museums in the world. All this will enrich you intellectually and spiritually. You can even do sports at home.

Being in quarantine, a lot of people stay as active as before, they walk 20 km a day round their apartment. And they don't live in palaces - they just walk within their homes. Follow their example!

Make sure you choose special time for all family members to communicate. To share what you have found out and what you have learned while being isolated from your family. This will bring energy exchange back into your life, which means you will get rid of unnecessary quarrels and resentments.

2. Convert the negative. 

All negative energy needs to be processed. Why do you get tough with your loved ones? Because your body accumulates a huge amount of adrenaline and testosterone, that you don’t realize, you have nowhere to lash them out.

Sports, dancing, any physical activity will help you recycle this negative. Give it one hundred and ten percent during the class. Invite your partner, children to join. Everyone will benefit from it.  

Now you can install a special program which allows you to pump any part of the body on any smartphone. This means that you can process a huge amount of negative energy.

It's simple - instead of another home quarrel you get a fit beautiful figure. Isn't it great?)

3. Use the Objects of Power. 

The special amulets charged at the Places of Power are a very strong positive source of energy and a powerful protection against conflict. You can buy such talismans at the "Field of Love" classes. Carry them with you all the time, keep them at home on a special altar, and then it will be very difficult for the negative influences to penetrate into your life.

domestic violence
Paola, Lisbon: 

"A terrible quarrel broke out at our house lone day. I can't even remember the reason now, some domestic stuff. But all of a sudden, I got mad at my partner. One thing led to another and we started screaming. Then, in the heat of rage, we began to beat the dishes, and then it turned into a fight ... Terrible situation.

I remember us standing opposite each other, angry, with faces distorted by anger. And I knew that I was about to get hit...

At that moment, our daughter came between us. She was holding a protective family amulet that I had brought a few years ago at a retreat at the Place of Power.

Our 6-year-old daughter, seeing her parents fighting, ran to a special altar, where I kept all my Objects of Power, chose the right one intuitively and literally put it right before us.

That moment I felt as if all the space around was filled with soft golden energy, and my partner and I suddenly came to our senses. It seems to me that at the moment of the quarrel dark forces entered us, so we could neither control nor stop the outbreak of aggression. And only a magic object stopped us from the last terrible step, sobered up and calmed us down.

Since then, when I feel irritation or anger approaching, I take the amulet in my hands immediately and I feel better.

4. Control your emotions. 

Since ancient times there is a secret that helps communicating with your partner so that they do not even think about quarreling with you. It's a recipe for raising great rulers, princes, emperors, noble lords. However, it works not only for princes, but also for your loved ones)).

When you are going to say something negative to your loved one or make a comment, do it in a special way.

It is based on the idea that it is not the person who is bad, but the situation.

For example, your child is throwing his toys everywhere, which annoys you a lot. And you're also afraid that your dog swallows small details of LEGO and dies because of it. It's likely your first reaction will be to yell at your child. Don't do that!

On the contrary, start the conversation with praise. Mark how smart, talented and kind he is. Except the toys scattered all over the house don't fit in with that positive image. Suggest him to take control of things to become a real hero, even in the smallest detail.

This scheme will help avoiding a huge number of conflicts and mutual insults. After all, when a scandal begins, the energy field of your home is filled with larvae - evil spirits. They begin to feed on negative energy and provoke you to new conflicts. So watch your reactions, be patient and kind.

5. Replenish your energy. 

Your energy is wasted quickly and replenished slowly when you stay at home. To speed up the replenishment process, do energy practices. You will learn how to do them, and what rituals you need at online seminars conducted by the Field of Love masters. Sign up, benefit from the time in quarantine!

domestic violence
Laura, Marseille: 

"Our family has always been very friendly. But one day, things went wrong. My partner lost his job and couldn't find anything suitable for a long time. Life became difficult, there wasn't enough money. My partner, who is used to working long hours, was now home all the time. It annoyed him very much. He started raising his voice at me and the kids. I began losing my temper, too.

We started using the word "divorce" in the course of quarrels oftener. The kids were nervous too. They started to get bad marks at school, they retreated to themselves.

A happy occurrence saved our family. My sister took me with her to one of the seminars of the Field of Love. They discussed conflict situations at that session. I recognized our family in abstract examples. I was just shocked that the problem can be solved so easily. I had a long conversation with one of my mentors and received detailed recommendations on how to behave.

This day turned my whole life upside down. I followed my mentor's advice, changed my behavior, and controlled my reactions. I was constantly replenishing my energy supply through energy practices. I attended group sessions and seminars. The atmosphere at home changed before my very eyes. My partner became calmer. We started making fun of each other again. He now went for interviews in high spirits. He took off his gloom mask. And very soon he got an invitation to a very good company.

The main thing is that love and harmony reigned in our relationship now, just like in the old days.

The project "Field of Love" was a salvation for our family, we became close again. Our children also got happier, and even began to get better marks at school. I am very grateful to the mentors for helping me save the most precious things in my life.

The "Field of Love" project wants you to have only love and understanding in your family! Participate in our online events to discover your predestination, realize your talents, find success and harmony in your family!

Rosa Elena Duran Ramirez

Muchas gracias por crear esta ayuda que seguramente muchos necesitamos.
Gracias mil.

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