Place of Power

Dear women, the most gentle and beautiful creatures of our planet

We appeal to your hearts so you could hear the plea, the request, and the voice of spirits calling each of you to perform a ritual. The ancient ritual at the Place of Power to save our entire planet, families, countries from crisis, from war, from disasters, from the terrible virus. One of the secret places is calling each of you stronger than ever now in July 2020. This is Montenegro. This is not an ordinary lake. There is a hidden pyramid, as the remains of the ancient underground kingdom of Agartha, at the bottom of this lake! This is the kingdom where the Priests went to pray for the Earth many thousands of years ago. Some of them are a thousand years old already, but they keep existing, and wait for the coming of living, bright and pure souls to unite in their prayer. A lot of alien civilizations land on this very lake and pass special message to the Priests - codes, power, wisdom. The world of Agartha will reveal the secrets that our world has not known before when people come to this lake at this very time, together with the strongest guides - Shamans! It will be you, the woman who perceives these secrets and helps all people!

The pyramid, located in the sacred waters of Lake Scutari, is one of the most important pyramids that make the network of love on our planet. You have traveled with us to Kazakhstan, India, and Egypt not so long ago. This time it is Montenegro - the next stage of connection with the Power. There is also one of the Strongest Ayami in this lake is. And only being near this lake, performing rituals, a woman instantly becomes 10 years younger, at the very least.

Our world needs female energy now more than ever to smooth out all conflicts, disasters, wars. This is why we are going to this mystical lake.  It is very important to bring waters of all possible rivers, lakes, oceans in small bottles to unite the whole world. So that selfishness, disrespect, misunderstanding, violence leave our planet. So that all the women who suffer become happy. We will make a mystical journey to... Montenegro in the name of this good idea!

During this mystical tour we will perform the strongest prayer - a prayer for peace. Please, take a picture of the palms of those people you want to help and bring these pictures with you. We will perform the ritual of union.

Place of Power

Group rituals:

"Freedom from bad habits – making protection."

Bad habits are formed in every person’s life since childhood, as a person is born in society, in a family, goes to school, to university. A human being is a creature that copies the behavior of those people with whom they communicate. Human behavior often leaves much to be desired: people with low energy level, with weak life goals. Accordingly, it happens that a person often copies another person automatically, and thus the destiny of the person is created. Our whole life is made of habits. Therefore, the most important thing in this life is to get rid of bad habits that take away our energy. Instead - to find good useful habits, which, on the contrary, brings you closer to your higher predestination. During this ritual, the strongest conductors of power – Shamans - will put the protection so that you acquire good, positive habits that will make you a real superman in this life! 

"Resetting mistakes of female lineage."

Women often come into this world, carrying the weight of the past of her lineage. Mistakes that a woman makes are often not her mistakes, but the mistakes of those women in her lineage. If a woman does not perform this ritual, the future generation – her children – will also make the same mistakes. Any self-respecting woman will not allow this happen. Just like in ancient times, she will unite with other women and, performing this ritual, she will be able to pass this obstacle zone that does not let her become happy in all spheres of life - love, relationships, financial well-being, health and predestination. place of power

"Lake of Financial Wellbeing."

There is a lake of financial well-being in every person’s aura. Peron’s success, their financial well-being, the amount of money they have depends on how much water there is in this lake. People often have a dried-up lake, and water is not able to appear in it. This is why we will appeal to the Place of Power, to the lake to fill our own lake with energy and power. Water is the embodiment of energy. The more energy there is in a person, the more material resources they have. That is why it is important to perform this ritual at this moment of crisis, after the coronavirus, after the quarantine, so that your lake of financial well-being is always full.

"Destroying sans contacts and filling with good karma."

This ritual is very important for every person who comes to the Place of Power, because living in the modern world, a person is in contact with a huge number of different people, communities. They communicate with low-vibration people all the time and, therefore, get infected with negative emotions, states, influences and even thoughts. A person can turn away from their predestination simply by being infected with the weak thoughts of another person. That's why when you come to retreat, to the tour – you find yourself among the most radiant people, who do their best to purify their karma. That is why it is very important to perform this group ritual together, because all bad things are pushed out of the aura together. Good energy, good karma is directed to the aura, which attracts the most successful and strongest situations that will change your destiny, the fate of your lineage for the better. Especially during the coronavirus, when there are so many negative things on the Internet and around us. People live in depression, in stress. It is very important to purify ourselves and settle down for the line of our destiny! Place of Power

"Arrows of Love" is a ritual that connects soul mates.

It is notorious that almost every woman dreams of meeting her soul mate. Life partner who will give her the feeling of real happiness and love. This ritual helps a woman find such energy that her love, like arrows, will be directed at her other half. Then they will be united. The ritual helps falling in love, feeling like a loving woman all the time. It helps to meet a man, to unite in a family. Most importantly, this ritual will help accelerate the meeting with the woman's partner and strengthen happiness with her husband.

Exclusive rituals

"The Code of Eternal Love." Blessing of Agartha 

They perform this ritual only on this tour, as it is connected with the underground kingdom of Agartha, located in the depths of this lake, where the ancient Priests who have the code of eternal love live. You will make a mystical journey to the bottom of the lake, joining with the power of the Priestesses and Priests during this ritual. You will find eternal love in your heart. You will feel love for all the people you meet now and those you will meet in the future. This ritual removes the bewitchment and jinx from your heart, bewitchment of love. You need to perform this ritual when you do not have enough physical and mental strength, you do not want to love or rejoice. This ritual gives health and youth. You will experience a surge of energy, vigor. It will protect from dark forces, melancholy, sadness and longing, depression, and even coronavirus. You will be able to feel yourself a happy woman. Your eyes will start to shine; your face will rejuvenate as the effect of this ritual.  place of power

Consecration of the Ayami of the Lake. The crisis will bypass

The whole planet, almost all countries are in crisis after the coronavirus pandemic now. Many people have lost their jobs, influx of money, life purpose, and, in general, any hope for life. This ritual will help merge with the strongest ocean of the lake at the Place of Power that will help to clear the way and protect you. If you own a business or make plans for life, the ritual will protect you from loss of money, theft, and financial holes in the energy field, so that neither you nor your family loses their money.  You need this ritual if you can't get to a new financial level. If you feel that your money is just disappearing, and you are also worried about the welfare of your loved ones, this ritual will help you attract more profits. You will be able to travel to all Places of Power. You will be able to afford what you could not afford before.

"The Sword of Agda." You can do anything.

In the shamanic world Agda is a shamanic spirit that looks like a huge bear with 3 swords in its head. When the shaman turns to this strongest spirit during the ritual, the spirit of Agda, the patron of the family, pulls out one of the swords, throws it into the sphere of life you ask of. It burns the diseases of soul and body. This spirit is ranked among the healer spirits. It is the lord of lightning, so it helps burn the spirits of quarrels, separation, loss, loneliness to ashes. That's why you feel the surge of energy, cheerfulness. You feel that you are capable of anything. Feel the power of this bear. This ritual will end the difficult life situations that have been bothering you for a long time. You will free space for new happy events in your life. Your main credo of life will be "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" Place of Power

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