Summer Solstice Day in 2020: celebrate it in accordance with all the rules

16 June 2020
Summer Solstice

Important recommendations from the «Field of Love» project

Summer Solstice Day can only be compared to the first day of the new year in terms of its impact on human life. But, we will see even more serious transformations in 2020. Everyone can use this sacral period to help themselves and their loved ones - to improve relationships in the family, to defeat a serious disease, to achieve financial prosperity and career success, to make their personal lives harmonious and happy and to find their calling. The Day of Power and the Sun Festival have been celebrated in various cultures and religions for several thousand years. The "Field of Love" project will tell you how to celebrate it properly.

When should we celebrate this year's Summer Solstice Day?

The solstice phenomenon occurs in summer and winter. But the surge of energy and activity of the sun, which reaches its peak, is the most powerful in summer.

That's why it's so important to use this energy charged period to charge yourself for success, happiness and luck in various spheres for all of the 365 days of the new period.

This year's Summer Solstice Day will begin June 20th at 9:36 PM GMT.

Most importantly, the year is also marked by the rarest astronomical event - solar eclipse coinciding with the solstice. Our planet, its satellite the Moon and the Sun will line up.

This position of the planets is the strongest and releases not only fiery solar energy but also lunar energy.

Two streams kind of connect (Yin and Yang under the oriental system) the power of which increases manifold. Everyone will be able to feel the planets’ influence. This is why it is important to visit a «Field of Love» retreat which will be held from 18 to 22 June in different parts of the world. You will be able to take part in special rituals of purification and to carry out the most powerful energy practices to have wealth, love and luck in any undertakings.

Let us celebrate  Summer Solstice Day properly 

Summer Solstice Day is extremely important and has a great influence on human life. During this period the boundaries between spaces are being diluted and different types of energy flow from one world to another. This period is quite magical and important not only astrologically but also mystically. It is not surprising that inexplicable things are happening around, intuition becomes more acute and dreams come true. Everything on the planet is literally filled with special meaning.

The «Field of Love» project recommends that you spend June 20th and 21st outdoors to make maximum contact with all the four elements.

At this time they hold strongest rituals for charging a person with energy to achieve success, career and business growth, maintain health and harmony with others, to get rid of karmic debts and secure financial well-being.

But if you want to meet a worthy soul mate to find family happiness and to give birth to a healthy baby, you should definitely ask the Sun and the forces of nature for help.

The Day traditionally begins with a general meditation and an appeal to the spirits and the forces of the four elements of nature. After that they perform special strong rituals. Everyone participates in ritual baths, making wreaths, dances around a bonfire and offering gifts to the spirits.

Why is it so important to be outdoors on this energy-rich day?

The reason is that the Sun gives the living organisms (plants, birds and animals) maximum power. Every person surrounded by pure living energy can also get it.

This is why retreats are held outdoors, next to natural water reservoirs where spirits of all the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) meet one another.

Summer Solstice

If for some reason you cannot be outdoors, seek a blessing from the masters of the «Field of Love» project. You will also have to take with you a specially prepared ritual candle and symbols of all the four elements and not to forget about offerings to the spirits.

Other important rituals of celebrating  Summer Solstice Day

It is necessary to observe energy laws more strictly on this especially powerful day. Therefore, you should wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Men should wear loose-fitting cotton pants. Women will need a long skirt or a maxi dress. It would be good if you could spend this day without shoes to store up the energy and strength of the earth.

When you go out to celebrate the Day, you should make a clear wish. It is better to concentrate on one or two important spheres of life without getting lost in your ideas. This way your goal will become much closer and you will meet the right people in your life without any effort and all the right doors will be opening for you.

All your intentions should certainly be good and not harm others.

Don’t forget to bring something to a tea-drinking ritual. Bread, cookies and pies are perfect if you make them yourself. And of course, you should leave part of the food to the spirits to gain their favor and support.

You will need a pencil and a sheet of paper for the most important ritual. You should also bring things that will become symbols of each of the four worlds. It is a personal talisman (symbolizes eternity), a bird’s feather (the future), fresh flowers (the present) and broken things (we settle our debts to the past and get rid of its influence on us). Summer Solstice Day combines the power of all the four elements. That’s why every element, representing their energy and force, is important in the ritual.

The «Field of Love» project reminds us that after the celebration you should clean up after yourself before leaving. Let the nature be unpolluted. It’s the best gratitude.

And do not forget to leave gifts for the local spirits for their hospitality and help.

Summer Solstice

Anna Serbia:

«I have suffered from allergies since I was a child. And all of a sudden I started having breathing problems. I ran straight for a check-up. Doctors diagnosed me with asthma. How was it possible? At my age, for no particular reason? I didn’t know who to turn to because all the harmful triggers were absent in my life. I did not even live in the city.

The only thing left was palliative treatment and an inhaler - I couldn’t do without it.

But the attacks were becoming more frequent. As I was teaching at a University I could forget about work.

Can you imagine a teacher who has asthma attacks several times a day that disrupt classes?

They gave me two months off but nothing changed. One day an old friend of mine came by to see me. She was going on vacation, but not to Greece as always, but to a retreat in a Place of Power. «Come with me, don’t think about it too much! That’s where they will breathe life into you, too. You will throw away that inhaler of yours and will forget it like a bad dream», my friend said confidently. I don’t know why but I agreed...

At the «Field of Love» retreat I met people whose energy was completely unique. My mentor gave me an individual consultation and introduced me to some special ceremonies. I was given recommendations which I have been strictly following since then. He also gave me a special Object of Power, a unique personal talisman.

I lost the spray and forgot about it.

For the disease to go away completely, I was invited to spend the most important day of the year outdoors with the same group of students. Without even having second thoughts I went to celebrate Summer Solstice Day three months after. It was at that time when I made the most important wish for me - to be healthy and to return to my favorite work.

I went back home and took some tests. Do you know what? I was told that it was a miracle but there was no trace of the disease! Already in September I was happy to return to my favorite students! Thank you to my friend and the «Field of Love» project!

You can learn more about Summer Solstice Day, purifying rituals, ceremonies of accumulation and concentration of energy at master classes and seminars of the «Field of Love». You can sign up for the next ones in your city. Useful information is also available online if you can’t attend classes in person. We hope you can come to the retreat on Summer Solstice Day and join strong, positive and successful like-minded people.

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