What is egregor and how does it help to realize one’s predestination?

21 July 2020

Why does the environment affect us so much?

How does the environment affect the realization of our predestination? Why even the closest people can get in the way to our dream? What mantra will help keep our inner core? The “Field of Love” project will tell you about this.

How the environment affects us?

From previous articles, you already know that your predestination consists of past life experiences, lineage karma, and cosmogram. You also knew about the system of chakras. Perhaps, you even saw your past incarnations and realized that you have great power and a great mission. However, do you know what can limit your power?

Very often your environment can get in the way to the realization of your predestination. Those who are near you determine your life goals in many ways. You have to admit that the wishes of those around us often become our wishes?

For instance, if all your friends are fans of a healthy lifestyle, you will also buy sneakers at some point and start jogging in the mornings. You will be united by one goal — to lead a healthy lifestyle. If all your friends are careerists, you will also start thinking only about career and business.

So, this environment — a community of people united by a common idea and the goal to make it true — is called an egregor. There are egregors on different energy levels corresponding to seven chakras.

What kind of egregors are there and which chakra do they correspond to?

The egregor of the army, military units, and even gangs corresponds to the 1st chakra, Muladhara. The main goal of this community is to survive, to find its place under the Sun. This is a physical level.

The family egregor corresponds to the 2nd chakra, Svadhishthana. The main idea uniting members of this community is to find a couple, to marry and have offsprings, i. e., this is the level of relationship.

The business egregor corresponds to the 3rd chakra, Manipura. This is the level of realization of your power. People that belong to this egregor are obsessed with the goal of gaining recognition in the society,  making a lot of money and building a career.

The religious egregor uniting people by an idea of universal love, freedom, and help to others corresponds to the 4th chakra, Anahata. On this level, people usually choose the way of serving God, the way of spiritual development through the opening of their hearts. They look for people with the same beliefs and create communities with a spiritual purpose.


The creativity egregor corresponds to the 5th chakra, Vishudha. These are different associations of artists, poets, musicians, and other people of art. People that are completely immersed in the art will not go to war or sit in a stuffy office; they will not plunge into family relationships. Perhaps, they will live in poverty but feel completely happy and free.

The egregor of science, an association of scientists corresponds to the 6th chakra, Adjna. These people often forget about their families, money, and even whether they ate today. They are fully dedicated to the mental activity; the live with by the idea of discovery. This is their predestination. Buddhists whose main traits are concentration and will also belong to this egregor, i. e., this is the level of discovering superpowers of the brain.

Finally, Sahasrara is the 7th chakra uniting the power of all spiritual egregors without exception as God is one for all. The goal of a member of this egregor is to find God in them and unite it with the God around them.

The “Field of Love” project represents the 7th egregor, Sahasrara. We do not distinguish between religions and spiritual teachings. It does not matter what confession you belonged to. You can be a businessman and a person of a creative profession. The most important thing uniting you is an idea of self-development and desire to reveal your predestination.

If you want to know yourself, your predestination, to reveal your great mission, we will always support you, give you keys that will help you reveal your inner power. Of course, we will also explain how various ideas, egregors affect our life and how to correctly choose the influences. Come to our “Field of Loveworkshops and find your true path!

Mantra to strengthen your ties with your inner self

To realize your mission, you must keep your inner core – ties with your inner self, the understanding of who you are. Three simple, but very strong phrases will help you in this: “I remember my predestination! I have a great mission! I am coming to my dream!”.

Repeat these phrases when you wake up and go to bed. This is your daily mantra reminding you about your predestination. No matter which egregor tries to keep you within its boundaries, you are powerful enough to resist it. An amulet – an object related to your predestination will be of great assistance in this. It will give you the power to realize your mission.

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Gina, Brussels: 

“I led an ordinary life: work, family, two children. Everything was fine but predictable. One day was not much different from another. There was nothing wrong with it, but I always felt that this was not my life. That I can do something more. But what?...

Everything changed at one moment when I attended the “Field of Love” workshop for the first time. I saw other students — so positive, frank, and purposeful. The teachers were wise and passionate about helping others. During classes, it seemed to me that I am revealing my true self. I wanted to find my predestination, to understand why I came to this world.

The “Field of Love” project helped me. I have got an amulet for communication with my high predestination. Every day I read the mantra to strengthen ties with my inner self. I did not miss group classes. Now I am a spiritual leader in the “Field of Love” movement. I conduct meditations to reveal predestinations, unite women, and make them believe in themselves. It means that I make them happy. It makes me happy.

You may ask about my family. Did not my new spiritual affair intercept with it? Not at all! My family is still strong, and my children are surrounded by great love and happiness I generously bestow to them.

The “Field of Love” helped me find my place in this world and benefits. I am very happy about this!

“The “Field of Love” project was created to help all of us find harmony and balance. Watch video lessons, attend workshops, and individual practices. We are always ready to support you!

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