What is personal power and how does it help you succeed?

18 August 2020
personal power

Simple formula of well-being

Who among us does not want to become successful, wealthy, succeed in everything that you can only dream of? To get all this, you need to understand what personal power is. The Field of Love project will help you in this. 

Where does personal power come from and what is the essence of well-being volume?

First of all, you must understand that power comes from your lineage. For example, if you come from a noble lineage of aristocrats, kings, businessmen, where there is a lot of personal power, success, wealth, then you have your power thanks to your lineage. When you inherit a huge fortune — this is the well-being volume that you get from your family

But even if you are not from a noble lineage, it does not mean that you do not have the power. It can come from you. There is one essential secret: you must become a conductor of your personal power to make it limitless. Because you get tired very quickly if you act only using your personal resources.

There is such a concept as "wheel horse". It is about those who work hard, and sometimes have two or three jobs, take care of their family, relatives, and do not sit idle for a minute. But the result of all these efforts is minimal for some reason: there is still not enough money, and the problems do not end. A person does their best, makes a huge amount of effort, gets tired, but the desired result does not come. Why is that?

The thing is that one acts only on their own personal resources. But they get exhausted. Hence all the ailments, fatigue, stress, and eventually diseases that often become chronic ones. To avoid this you need to understand how to become a conductor of power.

How to become a conductor of an infinite flow of energy?

Let's make a short experiment. Have you ever tried to pray, ask the Universe, God, the Cosmos for something? You must have asked for something for yourself. Remember how you felt at that moment, how much energy you received then. Fix it in your memory.

When you ask the Universe for something for yourself, you get a portion of the energy flow that will only be enough for you. The flow that will only be enough for the wish you made. Not more.

Now remember if you have ever asked the Universe for something not for yourself, but for your loved ones, for another person or even for a group of people? Remember these feelings. Certainly, you felt that the energy flow was becoming much greater, you felt more power inside.

When you ask for energy for someone else, for 2-3-5 people, 2-3-5 energy flows descend on you and you conduct them through yourself, and then distribute to all these people.

Now imagine that you ask the Universe for something, not just for yourself and your family, but for tens, hundreds or even thousands of people. For example, you pray for victims of natural disasters, mass terrorist attacks or man-made disasters. How much energy will come to you then? How much power will you get? You will receive a huge amount, a powerful flow.

This is the cosmic law of energy distribution. The more people you want to help and ask the Universe for power for them, the more energy it gives you for each of these people. This entire waterfall of energy, this powerful flow passes through you. That is why the conductor of power has limitless energy.

personal power

How does energy affect you?

What does this energy do to you? First of all, it transforms you, heals you, fills you with power. This is the most valuable condition for a person, as being a conductor of power means to think not only about yourself, showing egoistic qualities. This means connecting to the source of power and becoming a full-flowing river that passes energy through itself and delivers it to all people. You can carry energy through yourself for thousands of people, just as a river feeds flowers, forests, and all life on earth. And then your personal power will be unlimited.  

But the Field of Love project warns: too often, in order to increase their power, a person forgets what they are doing all this for. Even sometimes they harm others with their actions, while getting richer and becoming more and more successful.

Tobacco Queen

This is exactly what happened once with one of the students of the Field of Love. Lillian worked for a large tobacco company for many years, achieved great success, and became the Deputy Director of one of the European branches. She managed more than a thousand people. Her manager appreciated her very much. She was earning a lot of money. What else one would need to be happy? However, Lillian felt unfulfilled and unhappy despite the success.

She first came to the Field of Love classes in this condition and had diagnostics of predestination. She found out that she was measured a lot of power, talents, abilities, but she did not use them in a proper way. She simply served the wrong egregor (read more about egregores in our article).

Lillian served the nicotine egregore and she helped other people poison their lives and kill themselves with this poison by her actions, talents, and abilities. And this in turn, made Lillian miserable.

But as soon as she found out her true predestination at the diagnostics and received an invitation to organize a major event for the Field of Love project, Lillian went to another country without hesitation and accomplished the impossible in an unfamiliar environment literally in one month. She organized a great presentation for several thousand people!

Just at that precise moment Lillian felt that she found herself. A room full of happy women — that was a real celebration of femininity and beauty! Lillian was so happy to feel like a part of this amazing event, and not just a participant, but an organizer.

Field of love

She is one of the most successful organizers of the Field of Love project now. Lillian travels to different cities. But now she is opening not tobacco factories there, but new places of spirituality for women. Hearth of happiness, love, warmth, smiles - that's what she gives people now. She supervises project organizers all over the country in different cities helping them make women happy. Now Lillian feels completely fulfilled, all her talents and abilities are directed to making this world a better place.

Egregores have a very strong influence on human life. It is crucial which of them you serve. Each egregore has a certain power. You can connect to it, but this does not guarantee that you will let the desired energy flow through you. Join the Field of Love project to pay special attention to the spiritual egregore. Bring kindness and love to this world. 

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