5 practices from the "Field of Love" project

It is very normal to dream about your soulmate: a strong, intelligent, kind, person who makes you happy. But, are there such people in real life? Or do they only live in the stories of beautiful movies and novels... The "Field of Love" project masters know that the ideal life partner exists. We are going to reveal the mysteries of finding your divine soulmate.

Practice #1: Visualize

What kind of person should your soulmate be? How do you imagine your ideal partner? Start your search by identifying all most important qualities. Take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and take your time to write them down. This is a very important stage which influences your future. It may take longer than one day and even a month to make a list.

Imagine your future life partner in every detail: their appearance, their smile, their interests, their job, the places they like to visit, personality traits, and spiritual components of the person.

Literally everything is important. The more detailed the description is, the more chances to meet such a person.

One day Lourdes came to the "Field of Love" seminar. She was funny and a little lighthearted. Like everyone else, she dreamed of meeting a reliable and worthy life partner. She couldn't answer the question of what this man should be like. When she was given the task of visualization, she neither treated this process seriously: "What else can you wish? Young, handsome, rich and kind, of course!"

You won't believe it, but that's the kind of person she met a couple of weeks after the seminar.

Trouble was that Lourdes had forgotten about one important point - health.

It turned out that her chosen one had a serious blood disease. The girl rushed to class crying to find some help. With a terrible diagnosis, even the best doctors were powerless. It's good to have a strong healer among our masters. She set Lourdes' partner on his legs. Otherwise, Lourdes' dreams of a happy marriage would have remained a dream.

That's why we tell our students to take each task seriously, not to rush and listen to their inner voice.


Practice #2: Correspondence rule

So, you've decided what your soulmate should be like. What about you? A woman must conform to the physical and spiritual ideal that she has drawn in her imagination. In other words: if you want to have a generous partner- be generous yourself, if you want to have an energetic partner - remember how often you get up from the sofa in your spare time. Need a positive partner - and what do you bring into the world?

Decent man also looks for a woman who radiates calmness, harmony, soft female energy and love for the world. Where to get so many inner qualities and energy? The "Field of Love" project teaches special practices at its seminars that allow you to fill yourself with life energy. It is impossible to pass by such a woman. Her field literally resonates with the surrounding space, and the Universe starts helping her help.

This is how love is born out of love, all doors are opened, and life and people around you contribute to the realization of your plans.

Often women who are not used to the new state ask why after classes they feel so great, full of energy, power, and optimism. There is no magic in it. There is potential in each of us. Just at some point the life energy and love have fallen asleep from unpleasant events in life, stress, loneliness, etc.

Energy practices awaken not only the body, but also the soul. Every woman literally blossoms after the classes.

Practice #3: Two planets - two destinies

Each of you has probably heard of horoscopes, zodiac signs, etc. Things are a little more complicated and delicate. The patron planets really do have a big impact on our character and destiny. They also determine the most suitable partner with whom we can establish a serious and harmonious relationship.

Special trips to the Places of Power help to understand the subtleties of this aspect. The "Field of Love" project conducts such retreats regularly. Join us!

Practice #4: Help from the Goddess Umai

Shamans know the very powerful goddess Umai. She is responsible for women's health, harmonious relationships, she helps in finding a second half and in marriage.

Organizing a special place in your house will help you win support of Umai. You should put an altar with the image of the goddess and fresh flowers in this place. For this purpose, choose the western part of your apartment / house.

It is good to have personal talismans and magic amulets made by shamans especially for you. We also recommend putting the list of qualities of your partner you made in the first practice, next to the altar. And now the most important thing...


Practice #5: Special Ritual

Look out! It's a very powerful tool. You should be internally confident and ready for a change in your life before you do it. And they will happen very soon.

  1. Go to your home altar dedicated to the goddess Umai. Focus. No one should disturb you.
  2. You should have a shaman ring and a special amulet for love on your left hand. It's good to wear your personal strong talisman as well.
  3. Get ready to open up to a strong energy flow. Your breath should be calm and your body relaxed. Take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth slowly.
  4. Put your hands together at your chest. They symbolize the connection of the female and male beginnings. Feel how love fills your heart.
  5. Appeal to the goddess Umai with such words: "Goddess Umai, the embodiment of mother earth! Help me to meet the incarnation of my thoughts, the person destined for me". Direct all your feelings and thoughts to this desire.
  6. Transfer your thoughts to a beautiful meadow filled with light. There is the sea of flowers and herbs, fluttering butterflies and singing in different ways birds, the air is filled with delight. Raise your face to the warm rays of the sun. The wind gently plays with your hair, and a smile unwittingly appears on your face. Address the goddess once again: "Help me, goddess Umai! Let the image I described become real. Get my other half into life."
  7. Start visualizing. Slowly list all the qualities you have recorded, creating a portrait of your soul mate.

Feel free to use the paper sheet with the list so you don't miss anything important.

Now this person is approaching you, you see him more and more clearly.

  1. He comes up and takes you by the hand. Imagine and feel the warmth of this touch. Can you feel your soul mate? You have finally met your love! The feeling of happiness is overwhelming you. Goddess Umai is giving her blessing.
  1. The key moment. Address the goddess from the bottom of your heart: "Goddess Umai, help my other half incarnate in this physical world. I am ready for this meeting!"

Deep breath again: inhale, exhale. Remember to thank the patron goddess for her help.

Do not be surprised that after the ritual you will experience a special state of fullness, harmony, happiness and a burst of energy. The "Field of Love" masters recommend doing this practice every day for 3 weeks. Your wish will come true quicker if you attend group classes and help those in need (doing charity work) during this period.

Veronica, Sao Paulo:

"I've always been the object of attention for men. Besides, there is a great choice of men in a big city. But time went by and I did not have a serious relationship. Beautiful affairs followed one another (my work in show business contributed to this). When I decided to have a family, and wanted to have children, I realized that no man from my circle was my ideal.

Reliable, intelligent, wealthy, kind, cheerful, caring, understanding - is it real to find all these qualities in one person? I had my doubts.

Until the Field of Love held a seminar in our city. These are amazing people. With the help of tutors' advice, I made an altar for the goddess Umai in my house, followed all their recommendations, happily performing special rituals and energy practices.

The key event in my life was a trip to the Place of Power with the group. There they performed the most powerful ritual of purification, filling with energy and attracting a worthy person into our lives.

I returned to Sao Paulo and already 3 months later met my divine half!

We have been together for 5 years. We got married. We are raising a wonderful daughter princess and can not imagine how we lived without each other!

"Field of Love" invites you to online classes and live seminars. You can find out more about effective practices, learn how to fill yourself with a special female energy and act so as to attract love in your life. Every woman is worthy of a harmonious relationship, family life in love, harmony and prosperity.

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