Basically the "Charity Movement" movement started as an ancient ritual of a Circle healing prayer (CHP). This ritual is over 1000 years old. Any person with any problem with open heart who wanted to help his relatives or loved ones could participate in this ritual. The healing prayer circle not only helps the people who participate in the ritual, but It is also capable of helping people over distances. It has tremendous healing power. Over the many years that the "Charity Movement" project exists, it has helped hundreds of thousands of people.

Some people have been able to completely heal from various physical ailments; some people have recovered from crippling depression and suicidal tendencies; some people have become wealthier, more successful and happier. The Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony has stopped tsunamis, fires, earthquakes and prevented civil unrest and violent attacks. During times when the ritual was happening even crime levels decreased! This has been documented by police and mass media in regions where the project took place.


Currently, the "Charity Movement" project has grown to Global International Charity Movement (GICM) and active in 32 countries on several continents. It unites people with supernatural abilities, particularly trainers and their students. Their mission is to unite all people who care about making this planet more safe, clean and peaceful.

These aren't just beautiful words. This is an opportunity for any person to change the world for the better and steer planet Earth to a brighter future. Epidemics, wars, catastrophes, poverty, hunger and even just plain apathy make our world worse. However, we come together to pray for all of those who are in need. We can also help by taking concrete action and donating to causes that help those in need.

This is why the "Charity Movement" Global Movement has united thousands of charity projects around the world. Participants include many volunteers that give millions of people hope for a brighter future. We are all united by love for our planet, our friends and people in general. The power of love is incomparable to anything. The more people build their lives on the foundation of love, the faster planet Earth can become a place where every person can live in peace, joy and happiness.

Help us change the world! Become a participant in the "Charity Movement" project! Together we can make the world a better place!


  • Help families, women and children build and preserve an atmosphere of harmony, health, love and hope.
  • Help women and children who have suffered from sexual abuse.
  • Provide care to homeless children and help them find new families.
  • Stop aggression and violence by creating a Charity Movement and protection.
  • Contribute to improving the general state of our country through creating a culture of gendered relationships in families and society.



Since 2012 more than 32 countries have joined the “Charity Movement” movement. Economic crisis, wars, politics, taxes, stress, ecological and technological catastrophes — this is the current state of the world. Depression and disbelief are modern society’s diseases. We can only overcome them together. Join the “Charity Movement” International Movement!