Adventures of the Mystics

Alice was observing the growth of her precious child with a great care, protecting her womb and finding a peculiar joy in anticipating her would-be motherhood. Stroking her belly, talking with a child, she was thinking how she and Arthur would raise that pledge of love. Alice's mind was occupied with thoughts on raising their child. Tips from psychologists, articles in glossy magazine, methods of upbringing in the day-care centers and school - it was very different from what a child needed. Alice clearly understood all that and was already beginning to worry if she and her husband would be able to find the right path to raise their child in the atmosphere of love, feed him with creative energy, protect him from the zombifying influence of the society.

And the Universe gave answer to that question. One day in the morning Lyria called Alice:

"There is a meeting today, my dear. I will proclaim the great knowledge Prajna had given me. Come with Arthur and bring as many people as you can who already have children or who are planning to. It is very important."

Alice immediately called Angela, Ruslan's girl-friend, and other friends, inviting them to the meeting. In the evening she and Arthur talked a lot about the future of their child and were waiting impatiently for a meeting with Lyria.

Many people gathered in a light spacious hall. Though, in fact, "many" wasn't the most accurate word which could describe the interest to Lyria's message. The hall was jam-packed. It was huge: four thousand seats, but people had to take chairs in the lobby and put them along the perimeter of the hall, in the aisles and by the walls. But that small inconvenience didn't bother anybody: the audience was waiting happily in the anticipation of the new knowledge.

Alice, seeing that agitation, realized that issue, in fact, was worrying all people - of different ages and social groups. Not only young people, would-be-parents, had come to the hall, but also middle-aged people - potential "grandparents" and those who had long been them. In the hall Alice noticed several women who, like she, were expectant mothers. Besides, there were quite many people who had come with their children. The latter didn't understand what was going on and were making a merry fuss in the aisles.

There were even quite many newlyweds in the hall who had virtually just had a registration and came to the lecture, so to speak, "from shipboard straight into a ball". The audience was joking, laughing, congratulating the newlyweds, was happy for them and looked at the stage, waiting. The atmosphere was joyous and relaxed. Laughter rang everywhere.

Older people tried to sit closer to the stage in order to hear and see everything better.

"Young man, couldn't you give me your seat?" an elderly gray-haired gentleman wearing a gray three-piece suit asked a young guy politely.

"Yes, sure, no problem," the guy rose from his seat.

Alice felt she was getting happier in that friendly atmosphere. Arthur was sitting next to her, gently patting her hand.

Waiting for the beginning of Lyria's lecture Arthur and Alice were studying the audience with curiousity. Even after a short glance at the people one realized it was composed of various social groups: from very old ladies in glasses, fixed with an adhesive tape, and housewives to seriously-looking businessmen, from school-teachers in their simple clothes and nurses, to elegant ladies and gentlemen, obviously quite well-off. It turned out the social status and the amount of money didn't solve the most important problem: how to raise your dear child, how to protect him from everything happening in the sick society and make him a good person.

In other words, people of different ages and walks of life had gathered there, interested in the issue of right up-bringing: conceiving and bearing a child, delivering and raising their children, and consequently - the future generation of the planet.

The audience was humming, somebody was chatting animatedly. Many people had met their good friends there whom they hadn't seen for a long while. Gradually, the buzz was beginning to subdue. After a good conversation with each other, the people were turning their glances to the stage hidden behind heavy purple curtains. Then the lights in the hall were going down and a few projectors lit the center of the curtains. Everybody was impatiently quiet. The curtains were drawn to the sides and a very unusual woman appeared in front of the audience - stately, beautiful, with wise and understanding eyes. It was Lyra - as stately and spiritual as never before.

"My dear ones," she began her speech in a deep enchanting voice. “Here comes a crucial moment for our Earth. Its future is being determined, which means the future of our children as well. The evil powers do not sleep. An incredible amount of negative energy, dangerous information is streaming on our children. Old kind movies and cartoons what we were raised with and which taught us the good have disappeared from the screens. They were substituted with images of horror and violence, scenes of war and destruction, stories about ghouls, demons and vampires. The same themes are developed in computer games. Based on them, there are many toys now that look like various monsters."

The people in the hall nodded in agreement with Lyria's words. Many of them had already faced that problem.

"This places a child in a destructive atmosphere of aggression, violence, images of the lower demonic world," Lyria went on with pain in her voice. “Children almost never contact with the nature - it has been replaced with an artificial urbanistic world, dead in terms of energy. Parents overloaded with work have less and less time to have a hearty talk with their children. The latter interact with either indifferent educators or often people who set examples of aggression, intolerance. People who should not be allowed to work with children! Or they are subject to negative influence of TV and computers. No wonder, now there are so many intellectually challenged children with psychiatric deviations. And even seemingly good parents may raise criminals, selfish and corrupt off-springs afflicted with laziness, drug-addiction and gambling."

The audience was buzzing, supporting the speech. The situation described was familiar to many people. After a little pause, Lyria went on:

"However, there is a way out of this depressing situation. We, parents and those who are getting ready to become one, even if a baby hasn't been conceived yet! We all should unite and form the Adventures of the Mystics which will protect our children from negative energy and will saturate their beings with higher divine energy of love, so important for their harmonious development. And the more of us gather together, the more often we do this, the more good we can bring to ourselves and our children."

The people were listening to the teacher with hope and great attention, absorbing each word of wisdom.

"No expensive toys or things, no prestigious colleges will substitute the energy of love, tenderness, kindness and harmony for a child," Lyria said and the audience fully agreed with her. "No medication or expensive clinics will give it to sick children for whom this energy is a real cure, for any diseases, even the ones considered to be unremediable. It happens very good parents can't give a child so much energy on their own, as a group can do, as the group power doesn't simply sum up but according to cosmic laws it is multiplied by a number of its members. In addition to this, a group, compared to a single person, can attract the higher Divine energy of the space and build a phantom field out of it, which even in the parents' absence will cover, protect the child. And for adults themselves there is no better method of self-transformation than creating the Adventures of the Mystics for themselves and their off-springs. A child can't be on his own, he needs to be with other children. But who interacts with our children now?"

Lyria looked around the quiet hall, grasping her every word, and continued:

"Even in the elite colleges of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford these kids take drugs, gamble, they consider violence, lies, cruelty a norm. Joining together in a single group – the creators of the Adventures of the Mystics, - we will be able to unite our children so that they will not only make friends with each other but be together in our day-care centers, schools, where educators are people from our community, also sharing the idea of the Adventures of the Mystics and other harmonious and good methods of looking after and educating our kids. Without such a union we ourselves and, what's more important, our descendants will be helpless in the face of surrounding powers of evil and destruction which now kill and enervate millions of people. Now, my dear ones, the most important moment for us - building this good field - has come. Sit down, forming a big circle, place kids with their nurses or photos of your children who are not present here now with pieces of hair and needles attached to them to intensify the astral connection in the center of the circle. Join your hands in the right manner and let us begin the prayer to God, opening our hearts to Him and asking him to give us and our children the energy of love. Breathing in, fill yourself with this energy, breathing out send it into the center of our circle to our kids."

Everybody sat down and worked on creating the Adventures of the Mystics.

"Alice," Arthur whispered, "I see a big black cloud of negative energy moving away and vanishing. Kids and us are clearing."

"Dear, I see a column of light descending on us all…"

Arthur also felt the blessed state enveloping him and everything around.

"Arthur, look, it's a ball! I see a golden ball coming down, and its rays are stretching to each of us."

Arthur tuned in and suddenly felt the same sensation, which he had had when he’d met the same ball of light in the cave.

"I know," he said, "it is Bhagavan Maitreya. He is here, he is with us."

And tears were running down his face. Many others were crying too because of the grace which filled them. There formed a constant and unmistakable sensation of harmony and protection, understanding that everything would be fine now, as if something heavy and depressing had gone giving floor to light and joy.

More and more people with their children came to the next classes. Many, who had been at the ritual of the Adventures of the Mystics, shared the fantastic outcomes from the stage: many incurable diseases children had had disappeared. Also, the parents themselves started to feel better. Peace and harmony came to families and their members, which attended this spiritual practice. Children started to learn better and their creativity increased. Also, the parents themselves started to feel better. Peace and harmony came to the families and their members, which had attended this spiritual practice.

Children themselves liked to come to the rituals of the Adventures of the Mystics with their parents. After that they began writing poems, songs. They even studied better at school!

Alice remembered the story of one young family, regularly attending the practices of the Adventures of the Mystics. Irina and Konstantin shared that they couldn't find a hobby for their son Alexey and daughter Anastasia. The children didn't like any of the activities psychologists and educators had advised them, they were sad, fell ill and were depressed. But when the parents took the children to the Adventures of the Mystics practice, the kids' mood changed as if by magic! Right after the class the son began telling interesting stories like a real TV host, which people really liked. And the girl danced so engrossed in the activity that people couldn't take their eyes off her!

"Now our family can boast perfect relationships, full understanding," Konstantin and Irina shared with the audience, their eyes shining.

The young parents, elated with their joy, became the constant members of the Adventures of the Mystics. Now they were invited to Europe to the gifted children festival where their kids would perform and shine like little stars. Now they were confident in their future.

Even more attentively Alice was listening to the stories of women who like her were getting ready to deliver a child and had recently done it. Since the Adventures of the Mystics gave help and support to the families that were about to have a baby or were only planning to have one. A woman, not very young, shared her story: she could not summon up her courage and have a baby for a long time since in their family the women were carriers of a serious blood disorder. But then she made up her mind to become pregnant, but was anxiously waiting for a child to be born. The poor woman visited many doctors, but nobody could guarantee her the child would be healthy. And the Adventures of the Mystics worked a miracle! Right from the first rituals of the Adventures of the Mystics the would-be mother was getting a feeling of security and thought what everything would be fine. The negative, depressing thoughts had vanished, giving room to light and joy. Her daughter was born absolutely healthy due to the joint prayer in the Adventures of the Mystics!

Very many people shared stories of miracle recoveries. Once a woman took the stage, her eyes were glistening with tears. But those were tears of joy! The woman, in a voice quivering with emotions, told them that her daughter had suffered a third degree burn and she was to undergo a very serious operation, nobody could predict its outcome. It was when the mother learned about the Adventures of the Mystics ritual in her city. Having gathered together, the people performed the ritual during the operation, and it was the strongest and most sincere prayer in their life. Two hours after the ritual doctors called the woman and said... That there had been a miracle and the operation had been very successful! Now her daughter was beautiful and healthy.

Alice and other women, bearing a child and already having children, were now able to face the future with confidence. Their fears disappeared, giving place to a blissful state of peace and love. In the created Adventures of the Mystics Lyria taught how to conceive a child correctly, how to carry a child, educate him, find his genius. The teacher told how to keep him in their family, in their home. She explained how to involve other family members, who didn't believe in it and didn't attend the classes in the Adventures of the Mystics.

But one day fewer people came to the class. And those who came were very tense. Alice and Arthur, waiting for a practice to begin, felt the tension building up in the hall. Lyria, coming on the stage, felt the change in the atmosphere at once.

"What happened, my dear? Why are you so worried today?" she asked.

A man took the stage and gave Lyria a newspaper. She opened it and turned pale. Alice and Arthur, sitting not far from the stage, saw how color drained from their teacher's face, how she closed her eyes and shivered.

Immediately Arthur rushed to the stage and held Lyria. Ruslan brought a chair and asked the teacher to sit down. Alice brought a glass of water.

Arthur opened the newspaper and ran through the lines…

"I can't believe it! How did they dare!.."

After the heading 'Sex-guru infects children with AIDS' printed in big letters there was a horrible article about the effects of the Adventures of the Mystics. Some reporter, hiding behind a pen-name, was labeling Lyria's activity as a sect. The article also said that Lyria was assisted by a lunatic and troublemaker Arthur and his friends - same mad people.

It looked like most people in the hall had already read that article. It turned out, that there had been a TV program blackening Lyria and her students as well.

Lyria took the newspaper again and read that horrible text. Tears were running down her beautiful face. With horror she was reading those evil lies, crying over the newspaper, her head in hands.

"I will punish these slithery journos for discrediting a good thing!" Arthur exclaimed clenching his fists.

"Arthur, calm down," Alice said hugging her husband.. "You should realize it is the command of the secret services that fight any dissidence. Journalists have nothing to do with it, they even might not have written it. It was written for them by those who started this media war."

"You will hardly learn the real name of the person hiding behind a pseudonym," Ruslan nodded.

Meanwhile, the audience was waiting impatiently the outcome of that newspaper issue.

"People," Alice addressed the audience, "you were here yourself and felt the grace creating the Adventures of the Mystics. You saw good changes in your families. Your children recovered, became more harmonious and developed their abilities. Then why don't you believe your eyes, don't listen to your heart but react to any paper hoax? Those who wrote these untruthful lines weren't even present at our classes, didn't create the Adventures of the Mystics. What can they know of what they are writing about?"

Arthur supported Alice's passionate speech:

"Remember, not long ago we lived in the times of the USSR, when, in the similar manner, the media discredited any good initiative which contradicted the policies of the Communist party. It's all the same now! Same things are happening! The government is trying to preserve its method of educating, its ideology, as it helps to control people, keep a tight rein on them. Indeed, it's much easier to rule ignorant, miserable people, occupied with solving their problems than a happy and free nation. And modern education doesn't give a person answers to the most pressing issues: how to remain happy and healthy, how to have and bring up kids right, how to establish harmony in the family and succeed in life, the questions to which you get answers here and in other 'horrible' sects. They frighten those who are afraid you'll tear off your information chains and will become free. So nowadays the moment a piece of news is published in the papers or shown on TV, and like zombies, people believe this lie at once, forgetting even their own experience, not thinking logically, not trusting and listening to their heart."

Alice came up to the teacher, hugged her and said:

"I ask you, take it easy. We need your knowledge, we believe in you, we love you and we ask, please, go on teaching us, in spite of the darks' intrigues. As now it depends on these classes whether or not the Adventures of the Mystics would continue to exist, if it would go on helping all of us and our children."

"Yes, please, teach us!" there were cries from the audience. "We are with you! We don't believe this crap! We understand it's the intrigues of the devil who wants to destroy the seed of the good deed."

Lyria was recovering. She threw away the deceitful paper, stood up, took the microphone and called people to a joint prayer.

The Book “Adventures of the Mystics”

Alice was observing the growth of her precious child with a great care, protecting her womb and finding a peculiar joi in anticipating her would-be matherhood.

Stroking her belly, talking with a child, she was thinking how she and Arthur would raise that pledge of love. Alice’s mind was accupied with thoughts on raising their child. Tips from psychologists, articles in glossy magazine, methods of upbringing in the day-care centers and schools - it was very different from what a child needed. Alice clearly uderstood all that and was already beginning to worry if she and her husband would be able to find the right path to raise their child in the atmosphere of love, feed him with creative energy, protect him from the zombifying influenece of the society.


And the Univers gave answer to that questions...


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