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Our life is the gift of the Universe. We have everything from the God to be happy and now it is the special period of transformation which starts in order to let all humanity achieve the new level of spiritual development. Our world needs prayers for peace, justice, freedom, truth and honesty. We, as brothers and sisters in the world, need prayers for peace, forgiveness, healing, love and happiness. With prayer all things are possible, wars can end, hunger can stop, disease can be eradicated, justice, truth and honesty can rule, and man's inhumanity to man can end. Reading in the newspapers each day about some new disease or disaster — or another international crisis that brings the world closer to war — so many people feel a deep sense of insecurity about their lives and those of their dear ones. We have reached a point where many wonder, “Is there anything I can depend on in this world? Is there anything I can do to counteract these threats to the peace and security I wish for myself and all humanity?” Some people question the value of our day-to- day lives if everything can disappear forever in just one moment. What is the value of all things if everything can disappear forever? Let us find the answer together… From the ancient time the humanity knows that the power of prayercan make unbelievable changes. CIRCLE HEALING PRAYER or CHP Ceremony is an ancient group prayer. Special method of unique ritual, which was passed by ancient priests, is now open to people. CHPceremony helps every participant to accumulate the special emotional energy of people and creates a miracle: people are healed, strikes and wars stop, earthquakes, tsunamis calm down. More than 250 000 of people already felt the healing power of CHP Ceremony all over the world. On a personal level CHP Ceremony can balance physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually. Inner peace and love arise. It leads to a more joyful life and supports our health, CHP Ceremony can be beneficial to the participants and also reach other people, places and life situations.


It is very important to have certification and corresponding training, blessing and special mantra for CHP Ceremony leading otherwise you will take other people negative karma:

  • You have participated in 3 (three) CHP Ceremonies with Introduction part guided by Mentor or,
  • Mentor makes decision on your readiness after you have participated in CHP Ceremonies guided by Initiated CHP Leader or,
  • You have organized min 50 participants for CHP Ceremony led by Mentor ( including effectivepresentation, promotion materials- banners, symbolic and etc; or scheduling CHP Ceremony in the program of Festival or some other event ) or,
  • You have received free training and possess Basic Magic Set With materials sacrifice equal to 150 Euro.

Individual training is obligatory condition. You should make efforts to show your strong intention to become CHP Ceremony Leader. The best option for you is to invite and organize 50 persons to channel the energy flow.


After Mentor has approved you as CHP Ceremony Leader your certification is confirmed by CHPCeremony Leader Certificate, which is to be confirmed annually in the following way: – You have become a prayer channel for no less than 100 persons by the moment of certification or, – You have visited Power Place to participate in significant workshop and International CHP Ceremony once a year.


We have receivedfrom you 3 (three) registered miracles, which happened during or after CHP Ceremony with photos and description attached (medical confirmation is welcomed). Youspend 10% from CHPCeremonydonationson your spiritual development such as United Wisdom Workshops, music, magic sets, books, CDs and DVDs.


  • Magic CHP object with logo
  • Music for Virtuous Influence
  • Ascended Masters Portraits
  • Circle healing prayer Guidelines
  • Cross
  • Bell
  • Pendulum
  • Tablecover
  • Tablecover
  • Crystal
  • Stoneegg
  • Ball

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