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MOVEMENT "Charity Movement"

Today, our planet is on the verge of ecological catastrophe. It is hard to believe but literally in a generation, humanity will feel the destructive influence on the environment that their ancestors have made. Ancestors are us. Every day, every hour, without realizing it, we are destroying a delicate natural balance.

Air, water and soil pollution. Global warming. Overpopulation of the planet. Depletion of natural resources. The Waste Crisis. Climate change. Loss of biodiversity. Deforestation. Increased acidity of the world's oceans. Depletion of the ozone layer. Acid rain. Water pollution. Urban sprawl. Genetic Engineering.

All these are the main environmental problems that humanity is facing right now. This is what kills the Earth and can destroy next generations. This is something for what every habitant of the planet is personally responsible.

If we continue like this, we can simply forget the word "future". It will not exist...

Of course, we cannot physically stop the thinning of the ozone layer (and scientists still cannot figure out exactly what causes it). But we can do a lot, for example, you can be responsible for your own waste. The simplest waste sorting, avoiding excessive consumerism and plastic packaging, energy-saving light bulbs and taps with a motion sensor can exponentially improve the environmental situation.

The task of the Charity Movement is to raise awareness of environmental issues and organize various charity events (including waste sorting) in order to attract the attention of others to these problems and to involve as many people as possible into environmental volunteer projects. Only by working together we can stop the destruction of our planet! Participate in our events, become our volunteer!

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