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In the current world every time more and more women occupy leadership roles in high positions. Nonetheless, often in business a woman is being forced to compete, to struggle, to play under male rules (rules made by men). All of this oppresses her female nature and leads her to stress, depressions and diseases. In this course the true role of the woman in business and her fulfillment will be revealed.  You will learn how to use your strong qualities as a woman in management, how to be successful, abundant, influencing and at the same time reveal yourself as a Real woman. The course Female Energy Management addresses:
  •       Women who want to strengthen their self security and learn how to manage their lives by themselves
  •       Young women and women who plan their professional development
  •       Women in directing positions of middle and high level
  •       All the women who consciously want to leave their mark on this Earth
The course Female Energy Management comprises 4 steps:
  1.   Managing yourself
  2.   Successful communication with other people
  3.   Management of events/situations
  4.   Destiny coordination
1st stage Managing yourself
  • What a woman needs to be successful for? The portrait of a professional woman
  • The power of female emotions and how to direct them.
  • Maintaining stability facing stress. How, even working a lot, keep yourself in an ideal physical and emotional shape?
  • The pillar of female self security. Where do the complexes come from and how to become free from (get rid of) them? Amazon in Big City.
  • The rules of rejection. The right way to say NO.
  • Ancient rituals of “Toltec” witches. The tentacles of intention. The female magnetism in business. How to attract the necessary people, events and situations?
  • The style of female success. Image as a tool to achieve the result you desire. Magic of color: clothes, make up, hair style, aroma.
2nd stage Successful communication with other people
  • The logic of female self-sufficiency. How to guarantee respect to yourself?
  • The Secrets of Effective Communication. Basic ways of communication at work for a woman leader: public speech, job meeting, individual conversation with an employee.
  • The model of female direction. How to create the best team?
The muse for your employees! How to inspire people to do their job? How to teach them to have a creative type of approach?
  • Manipulation versus direction. How to substitute manipulation towards people into a right way of interaction with them? The algorithm of relationships.
  • The difference between male and female tactics in business.  The art of relationships.
3rd stage Management of events
  • What prevents/stops a woman from reaching success?
  • Who is a “successful woman” from the point of view of society and of woman herself?
  • Protection from negative influences.  The armor of a Goddess.
  • Advantages and risks for a woman in business. Difficulties on the way of an entrepreneurial women and possible methods to overcome them.
  • Conflict management. Female flexibility in leadership. How to transform opposition in cooperation?
  • Making presentations. How to become a queen of public speeches?
  • High class woman. Woman leader and her relationships with men. • How to raise a leader child?
4th stage Destiny coordination
  • Female individuality in business. Revealing the talents. How not to loose youself in a hurricane of events?
  • The differences between a male and female type of business
  • The art of intrigue. How to awaken and maintain the interest?
  • The benefit of criticism. How to deal with the criticism maintaining self security? “Playing with the fog”.
  • The management of your own time. The rules of personal organization and self discipline. The principles of effective use of time. Saturn’s protection.
  • Intuition – main female advantage! What is intuition and how can it be developed? The ability to forecast a situation and people’s behaviour. Difference between intuition and recurrent ideas.
  • The creation of your own reality. Working with dreams to correct one’s life and forecast a successful activity.
The offered program of the course is a result of research made from centuries of knowledge combined with practical observations performed by its authors during several years of work with women in different countries of the world.

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