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There is a new tendency in developing world touristic sphere. This is the combine of human’s aspiration to learn something new in the environment with getting knowledge of your own inner world, with spiritual development and development of personality. While getting to know himself any human becomes a master of his fate, his life; he becomes happy and full of energy. Thanks to this his personal life, self being, emotional sphere and his mind are changing. He becomes healthy and his businesses prosper. At first for the trip for self-perception through learning the environment good guides are required. They are professional guides and connoisseurs of inner world, who accompany our tours together with classical guides. Special places, where the power of great sages and ancient civilizations give us opportunity to touch it through ages, are also required

Inquiry: *Noospheric tourism combines the features of recreation, ecological, spiritual, and esoteric forms of tourism.

Noospheric tourism is a trip to such places where special energy is accumulated. This energy influences human’s energetic state goodly, his spiritual and physical health. These places are called “the places of powers”.

Main aims of these noospheric tours are relax, invigoration, recovery of physical, psyche and emotional strengths of human through junction to natural, cultural, historical and energetic potential of the land, which is favorable for recovery of ecological territory’s state and ecology of human’s soul.

Noospheric tourism is solving further task: how a human while coming into interaction with Nature and his inner world may become more harmonic, may develop spiritually and raise a level of his ecological conscience concerning our Planet.

Our aim is to give people, who seek for knowledge, an opportunity to spend their rest consciously and in development. While having rest from work and usual environment we give an opportunity to be in touch with the depth of “Self” in the places of ancient religious traditions, in the places of Power of ancient civilizations, where people may open to new flows of impressions with the help of professionals of our Center. This is necessary for people to change their conscious today while having rest, and to be ready to meet their tomorrow. For satisfaction of this vital necessity special routes are created, which we are ready to offer you as a partner program.

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