If you are reading these lines, then surely you are a seeker – a person who wants to succeed, to be healthy, happy, loved, to help others discover their destiny and make our world a kinder place.

These are the desires that encourage you to look for different teachings, to go to seminars, to spiritual centers. Most likely you are looking for a Master who will help you make the right choice. A person who will tell you how to live.

Probably, you have already attended various psychological courses, trainings, have been to retreats and got a certain result. Maybe you got positive emotions, good mood, or, maybe, not. But the fact is that all this time your soul has been looking for something real. And now it has come to you!

You have learned about the seminars of our International movement “Field of Love” and therefore attracted great luck into your life! If you have been invited to our seminar, or you have learned about it on the Internet, then you have been chosen by the spirits! You have been praying for a long time, asking for help, and this help has come. In the form of a seminar or shamanic tour.

1.What is a seminar of the International movement “Field of Love”?
2.Why is it so important to make a prepayment?
3.Who are the conductors of Power?
4.Why does our schedule sometimes change?
5.Why can you feel bad at the seminar?
6.Why should you pass individual practices?
7.Why do we use magic objects at the seminar?
8.Why do you need to perform all recommended practices?
9.Why is it necessary to build a spiritual relationship with the tutor?
10.Why should you share your achievements?
11.Why do your donations help others?


What is a seminar of the International movement “Field of Love”?

It's different than any training you've ever been to. And first of all, its difference is in changing your life for the best. This is a transformational seminar that gives real results: good health, solving all difficult life situations and harmony in the family. But the most important thing is opening your predestination. You will finally understand why you were born on this Earth, you will know your mission of life and become a very happy person.

All these results come very quickly. Why?
The three most important aspects are observed: all our seminars are held at a special astrological time at the strongest places of Power. They are conducted by experienced conductors of Power. Therefore, seminars help you to solve quickly all the problems and change your life for the better.

Seminar’s dates can be inconvenient for you, it can be difficult for you to go on a trip at this time. But if you choose between long-planned activities and the seminar in favor of the seminar – it means that you have passed the first stage of transformation! After all, it begins at the time of the decision-making and making the prepayment.


Why is it so important to make a prepayment?

When people make an advance payment, the way of luck opens for them. Because through prepayment they give a sacrifice to the spirits for their troubles and sorrows. A person, long before the seminar, connects with the place of Power where the seminar will take place, with the power of the tutor who has super abilities, with a special astrological time (with the power of the planets). This means that all this time the person is protected. And all the failures that could happen according to the person’s fate during this time do not happen.
Therefore, try to make a prepayment as early as possible to protect yourself and your beloved ones from harm. And to start to receive energy for implementation of your goals and desires well in advance.

When you receive an invitation to a seminar through the newsletter or find it on the Internet – it is a great sign that you definitely should go! Especially if you are personally invited by the conductor of Power, who wrote a letter or phoned you. It means that you are the chosen soul!

Sometimes the conductor of Power can call several times or write a couple of letters. You may feel that you are persistently being persuaded or somebody wants something from you. Please don’t allow such thoughts to come into your life! If a conductor of Power has come into your life, then a blessing from a Higher power has come to you!

Please listen carefully and do what the conductor says, for he\she speaks in the name of the spirits. The divine power itself wants to help you!

Sometimes some people blame the tutors saying that they persistently invite people to seminars. Please know that the tutor wants to help you in any way. It's the mission of his\her life. The heart of the tutor is praying that you come, get energy and Power!

The tutor has a huge, loving, burning heart that wants to help all people! He\she wants to tell all people that there is a salvation from main troubles on Earth. And the seminar is an island of love, where the brightest souls gather, where there is a lot of love and support. Please try to avoid thoughts that the tutor is doing something wrong. This can't be so!

Imagine that you have a child and the gift of clairvoyance. And now your child wants to go outside, but you know for sure that he will be hit by a car. What will you do? You'll probably do your best to leave him at home, won't you? To a tutor, you're a child. He\she sees that something may happen to you and he\she tries to protect you from this.

So sometimes the tutor may behave in a way not clear to you. He\she can be energetic, impulsive, even mysterious. We want to tell you that the tutor is acting in several worlds at the same time. He\she helps everyone. He\she will do everything to protect you and help you and your beloved ones.

When you received an invitation to come to a seminar, especially an international one, it means that you are very lucky – you have been chosen by the spirits!


Who are the conductors of Power?

These are people who have devoted their whole lives to helping others. They lead a completely different way of life. Their days are filled with spiritual practices and prayers.

Why do our seminars have a huge transformational effect? Because you work with people filled with great energy! Only when you are in their field, even without going through any ritual, your aura is already filled with light. It becomes so clean and big that it is sent to your relatives! It often happens that a person gets to a seminar and suddenly his relative is healed. Therefore, we recommend as much as possible to be in the field of the seminar, because with this you help your whole family!


Why does our schedule sometimes change?

Yes, it happens. The fact is that the conductor of Power sees what is especially necessary for people who came to the seminar. Of course, there is a pre-planned program, but there are also astrological time and aspects of the people gathered at the seminar. And there are spirit messages that the tutor cannot ignore.

If you come to a seminar and suddenly instead of one practice there is another, rejoice! It means that the tutor has seen a special astrological time and the ritual will be stronger!

Also, rituals can be delayed for a long time. Because during the ritual there is a special energy flow, and the tutor can't just stop it! Be grateful that you communicate with a real conductor of Power, he\she always knows what people need. Just try to be thankful to the conductor, the Power, and the spirits that everything is going as it should be.

Perhaps you once attended a regular seminar with a fixed schedule. Yoga, meditation and so on – everything went perfectly according to the schedule. This is a great event, but it will not change your life as much as our seminar. Sometimes it resembles an extraordinary adventure. Sometimes it is not clear what will happen next: in an hour or tomorrow. Be open like children! Say to yourself this phrase: “I am open to the Power, I accept everything that Power gives me, I am happy!”


Why can you feel bad at the seminar?

You may start to have a very sharp body ache, or feel nauseous. Don't be frightened! Everything that happens to your body in the seminar is the greatest transformation. Therefore, your first reaction should be gratitude: finally my body is being purified, transformed, taking in a lot of energy.

If you are having a vomiting reflex, it means that the dark spirits, curse or even the code of death are coming out of you. Because the tutor works with you around the clock. After all, the seminar does not only go during the day. It begins at the moment when you have made the prepayment. A few months before the meeting, tutors and spirits begin to work with you, they clear your way so that you can easily get to the seminar.

In addition, the tutor works with you at night, he cleans your aura. The tutor is a Great Holy person, who lives for the people. He\she understands that a person can come to the seminar with very dirty or dark energy. Rituals and practices are not enough to purify yourself. It is also necessary to work at night, purifying the aura.

So be very grateful to the tutors. You may not see much of what they do. After all, these are very modest people. All they need is the happiness of people.

Therefore, please do not allow anyone to treat the tutors negatively during the seminar. It may be new people who do not know the tutor at all. Please help them. Tell us how you were helped by a tutor – a person who saves millions of lives from troubles and problems. He\she creates such an atmosphere, such a space, in which evil spirits do not penetrate, and that is why people are transformed, problems are solved, luck and success come in your life.

Help the tutor to create such a space and not to let in the dark forces: no spirits of doubt, criticism and condemnation. If you see a person criticizing, condemning Power, help this person. Tell about him\her to a Power representative, and the tutor will direct a stream of love and support to that person.

To criticize and condemn is a bad habit of society. It does not help anyone and destroys the field of the seminar, which helps all your loved ones, the city, the country and the whole planet.

Also at the seminar you may encounter various everyday situations. You should know that each of them is a sign that can only be explained by a representative of Power. For example, the room where you live may run out of hot water. Or you lose the key. Or you can't check into a hotel. Your first reaction may be condemnation – you may say that the seminar is poorly organized. This can't be happening! At the seminar everything happens according to the sign of Power!

Therefore, when you are faced with a difficult domestic situation, ask the representative of Power: “What does this mean for me? What do the spirits want to tell me?” The tutor will decipher the message of the spirits.


Why should you pass individual practices?

During the seminar, and maybe some time before the seminar, you will be recommended to pass a certain individual practice. You should know that if the representative of the Power or the Tutor recommended you to pass the practice, it is a big sign. You are very lucky! It means that Power has come to you, luck has come to you. Finally, your life will change for the better! And it is necessary for you to pass this individual practice no matter what, since the tutor sees that this practice will help you avoid all bad situations in the future or it will help you to get rid of the past or build up a strong destiny in the future.
The tutor is a person with developed superpowers, and therefore, he/she receives information about people and how to help them from the subtle world, from the light spirits. And often the subtle world sends a special message for you. A message about how to improve, improve your life, so that you get well, healed, how to harmonize relationships in your family, to help your children, to find your life’s purpose. Therefore, the tutor with special care transmits you information from the subtle world. So that you and your family become happier as soon as possible!
It often happens that a person is destined for a successful, happy life, but a person lives in depression, or a person is destined for a happy relationship, but he/she suffers from loneliness all life. A person is given the highest mission in life, but he/she does not even know about it. He/she doesn't know how to find his/her place in life. All this is due to the fact that there is an obstacle in life. The representative of the power sees this obstacle in the human aura in the form of stains, holes, dark energy, etc. This obstacle can be negative karma of the lineage, defacing, evil eye, curse or something else. In order to remove this obstacle, you should pass a ritual, an individual practice. The representative of Power sees and knows what kind of ritual will help you become a happy human!
The best thing is if you will sign up for individual practice in advance, before the seminar. Because usually the tutor coming to the city or to the seminar does not have enough time to meet all people individually. The tutor has a lot of students and everyone needs help. The best way is to ask the representative of the Power about the ritual, which you mostly require at this stage of life. Also at the seminar, you can be approached by the assistant of the tutor and given a message, a recommendation. You may need to pass through several individual rituals. Please be prepared for this.
Once you got to the seminar, met with such strong conductors of Power in a special astrological time, it means that the strongest turning point of your destiny has come. This means that now the most important time comes, when you can help your loved ones, change their fate for the better, and finally live happily ever after.
After you pass individual practice, it is very important to follow all the recommendations that your tutor will give you.
Why is it important? Each recommendation helps to strengthen and maintain the effect that you get after individual practice. If you compare this to medicine, imagine that individual practice is like an operation. The doctor removes from the body a variety of tumors, and the tutor in turn removes from your aura blocks, clamps, insecurities, fears, curses, evil eye. And what happens at this moment-you become a healthy person! The doctor prescribes a person postoperative time, when a person should clearly follow the doctor's recommendations, take certain medicine, stay a certain time in bed. The same with a tutor, as a spiritual doctor, he/she will give you recommendations. Though instead of medicines, he/she will recommend you to do spiritual practices, communicate with magical objects of Power, to do various practices that will help you maintain the effect and truly become a strong, healthy, successful person. And you should always remember that if a good result does not come very soon, then it is necessary to pay attention to how consciously and deeply you follow the recommendations. Do you communicate with the tutor, do you ask questions? Because the most important thing is to have contact with the spiritual guide, with the spiritual Master, because only then a person can achieve good results. If you want to become a champion in sports, for this you need a strong healthy body and a coach who will train all the muscles of your body. You will go every day to his/her trainings, and he/she will monitor how efficiently and totally you do the exercises. A tutor is exactly the same as a coach, though he/she works not with your body, but with your soul. Trust the tutor, be opened, the tutor will do everything to make you a real champion of life!


Why do we use magic objects at the seminar?

At the seminar you are sure to come into contact with special magical items. There will be a lot of them! The tutor will tell the mystical stories about them and use them in rituals. Because magical items are the tutor’s helpers, the Power that is needed for everyone. Should the representative of Power offer you a magical amulet or a few of them rejoice!

Rejoice that the Power has come to you in the form of spirits that will guide you through difficult life situations, to help you, your family and friends! Therefore, it is better to bring a lot of magical items from the seminar, so that you do not spend a lot of money on medicine, visits to doctors, taking loans or buying unnecessary things.

The spirit-helpers will show you the right way and help you to make the right choice in life. The more power objects you have, the faster your abilities will be revealed, which means that you will become a successful person and will be able to help others.


Why do you need to perform all recommended practices?

At the seminar, you will be constantly approached by assistants and asked if you have signed up for an individual ritual. Perhaps the assistant will convey a very important message from the tutor that you should pass through this or that individual session. That means you're very lucky! So, the tutor works with you individually in the subtle world, from the spirits he conveys what kind of ritual will help you to solve your difficult situation.

Be prepared for this. It means that now it is strong astrological time, there is a special floe of energy from the planets, Space and stars, and you need to engage in your spiritual development. As much as possible to engage in practice, not to think about the past, to be in the moment here and now and absorb, like a sponge, the energy that the tutor gives.

Objects of Power, individual practices, all that you are recommended are words of Power that you should hear and apply! You are told that this is the object of Power, take it! You are told to go through the ritual, go through it! If you do, great happiness will come into your life.


Why is it necessary to build a spiritual relationship with the tutor?

And remember, dear ones, it is very important to build a spiritual relationship with the tutor! This means that you should consult him\her on all issues. For example, you have a difficult situation. Of course, you want to discuss it with a close friend or relative. But you must know that this may be an empty conversation that will not help you. Because your interlocutor may not have such life experience and Power that will help you.

If you want to share something, dial the number of the tutor, write him\her. Try to communicate with the tutor in spiritual topics. If you see someone at the seminar who needs help, inspire them. Say, “Write to the tutor, the tutor wants to help you, he\she lives for you!”


Why should you share your achievements?

Be sure to share your achievements and successes after the rituals, individual practices and communication with magical objects. Usually at the seminar there are operators who can capture the miracle that happens to you with a camera. Go up to them, tell them you want to share your impressions. When we share, we help many people: they will see your positive experience and be inspired by it.

Thus, by making a small video, you are already helping the world, because you share the good and light! Inspire other people to give more feedback, and there will be more good!


Why do your donations help others?

At the seminar you will be suggested 3 levels of donation for magic objects and individual practices. What does it mean? This is the level of Power that is given during a ritual or the transfer of a magic object. Listen to your heart and decide what level of donation you are ready for. Or ask the conductor of Power, what level is now necessary for you to solve your life situation.

If you make a donation of the third level, then your situation will be solved much faster. It means that you're changing the values of your life, and you're willing to give more to have your situation resolved.

And you should know that all your donations go to charity and help people. Due to the fact that you buy magic objects, someone becomes happier. It can be elderly people who were abandoned by relatives, sick old people or children, animals. By buying amulets, going through rituals, you help other people.

The tutor helps others all his\her life. Often he\she does not advertise it, because he is very modest and he\she does not need anything but the happiness of people. The seminar is the place where there is global help: to your soul, your relatives, disadvantaged people, your country, and the whole planet Earth.

Therefore, having decided to come to the seminar, you are making a very important step in your life! God is very happy, light spirits open the way, angels sing in heaven, because you have made the right choice! So be prepared for surprises and unusual situations. Be an open person who is ready to change your life for the better.

During the seminar, you may feel the desire to invite the tutor to your city. To make as many people as possible happier in your city. You can even feel the power of an organizer, although you have never done this before. If you start helping people, talents will be revealed every day. Just start inviting all your friends and acquaintances. Contact various spiritual centers and so in your city there will be a spiritual group.
Try to become the spiritual leader of the International movement “Field of love” in your city. Receive an initiation at the seminar and start your own group. Become a source of light and love in your city!


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