From a photo of your partner, husband, children, and family members or boss and you will discover:

  • their actual feelings, intentions and attitudes to you
  • how to build harmonious relationships with them
  • what  to expect in the future
  • how to solve current problems
  • how to achieve success and prosperity together


Paula, 24:

I lived a very ordinary life. I spent most of my time on the couch watching happy families on my T.V. Since I was a child, I always dreamt that one day I would also have a loving partner, and we would  raise our child and start a creative project together. There was a man in my life who shared my interests, but we were only friends, nothing more.

I went to a photo diagnostic and brought a picture of him. I realized I was secretly in love with him but didn’t know what to do. I was wasting my time at home watching TV. What I really wanted was to change my life, to travel with my family, to go yachting and diving (my favorite hobby) – everything that I saw on T.V. that really attracted me!  I went for two consultations with a teacher and followed all of her recommendations - they were very easy, everyone would be able to do them! My colleagues noticed the changes in me immediately and kept asking me how I was able to change so quickly. Most importantly, my friend started paying more attention to me! We saw each other more often. I was no longer in a rush. I felt that something exciting was going to happen in the very near future, and I was patiently waiting for it.. I was right! My teacher came to Brazil again, and when I visited her, I found out what exactly I needed do next. It’s like a medical examination! You should visit your doctor regularly to make sure you’re healthy and keep track of your development and actions! The teacher didn’t recognize me at first. She greeted me as if it was for the first time! My change was so dramatic because I followed the instructions precisely. Men started noticing me more often. I felt that I was drawing more attention than ever. Men who owned large companies invited me to various events, conferences and business trips. Some of them even proposed to me. And, finally, I met my soulmate! A man who loves travelling as much I do. A man who always dreamt of having a real family, and  likes diving too! He is reliable, generous and attentive. I feel so safe and comfortable with him!


Diagnostics of the subtle body will help you to see and understand these  aspects of your life:

  • causes  for problems with money and health
  • solutions to  your problems
  • how to see talents and skills that you can use  for your work, relationships, family and children
  • events in the near future, how to enhance  or prevent them
  • how to change your life and find your destiny


Marianna, 35:

Worst of all - I couldn't get pregnant. That’s why my husband and I started arguing all the time.

I was tired of feeling sick all of the time! Weakness, fatigue, headaches and nausea at times. Hair loss, broken nails, and worst of all - I couldn’t get pregnant. Which is why my husband and I were arguing all the time. For two years, no one could give me the right diagnosis, they just sent t me from doctor to doctor r. Nobody could treat me.  None of their prescriptions worked. I spent around 5000 euro for all the diagnostics and preventive measures in private and expensive clinics. When I came to diagnostics of the subtle body, they were able to tell me right away what my problem was and give me the right recommendations for practices, eating and sleeping. My headaches stopped within a week and within two weeks I noticed that my hair had become thicker. In a month I felt so different - I felt like I was 25 again. My husband came back to me and 2 months later I got pregnant. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Helen. The healing stone recommended to me at the diagnostics helped me a lot. I bought one for my daughter as well- to her health!


  • Are you dreaming about revealing your feminine power for inspiring sexual relationship with your partner?
  • Do you want to find the soulmate partner that really suits you or reach a new level in your relationship?
  • Do you want a strong and loving family?
  • Do you want to know your feminine destiny?


It provides information on the spiritual task that stands before a woman this physical body. The way to achieve harmony in the relationships is explained. Information about the talents and blocks coming from past lives is revealed. Opening of the path highest realization of the Soul in this physical body is provided.

Karmic task is determined in female body in this lifetime; what tasks are not performed in past lives, which abilities must be in this body. What karmic problems have accumulated in relation to the opposite sex.

Find love and feminine happiness!


Miriam, 31:

I was suffering from painful menstruation all my life. Doctors removed a cyst and polyps twice, and only six months the problems returned.

My stepfather raped me when I was child, and since this time I have been horribly afraid of the attention of men. I tried to be as plain looking as possible growing up, for I did not want to be noticed. I could still feel that bitter hatred and fear. My first menstruation was incredibly painful. I had dysmenorrhea. I also had polyps and cysts; doctors would remove them, only for them to appear again. I went through so many operations. This lasted until my friend told me that it all of it could be solved without surgery. She brought me to a diagnostic of feminine nature. The teacher didn’t know anything about me, but she immediately recognized the symptoms of someone who survived a rape at an early age. She told me about special breathing methods, dance practices and recommended me to do an individual Dedication session, accepting a new name that would change my destiny? After the session I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, I finally liked what I saw there! My eyes, lips, my whole face were shining! I messaged my teacher and shared the joy and love for myself that I felt! In a very short time I felt much better physically, and in a year my dysmenorrhea, cysts and polyps had completely disappeared! My health significantly improved, all my medical tests confirmed it.  I was feeling so good that I started going horseback riding! I couldn’t do this before, even though I love it since I was a child, because of the pain. The best reward for all my efforts was meeting my partner - I met him in the riding hall. Now we are preparing for a horseback riding contest together and we have many other plans for the future! The diagnostics and new name redefined my feelings, my appearance my life completely!


  • Are you tired of loneliness but don’t know what kind of partner you need?
  • Do you feel unable to get along with your loved ones and the pain of this?
  • Or maybe you know for sure what person is right for you, but they don’t even notice?

Tantric diagnostics will help you to free the space for the partner that is destined for you and to form a happy relationship!

*the person's photo is needed


Anna, 40:

Married for 20 years; everything was good but the feelings grew colder and turned into boring routines. The diagnostics and practices really helped!

I met my husband when I was 18 and married him when I was 20. We have been together for 20 years. And then our married life stopped feeling happy . For the last 8 years it was all about daily routine and boredom. We tried so many things; we even visited some well-renowned psychologists, but nothing helped. I decided to try tantric diagnostics without telling my husband, although I took his picture with me. The diagnostics not only showed me how to fix our relationship, it also revealed the potential for my husband’s growth. I got recommendations on how to find a key to his heart again. I did everything they told me, and in a week my husband invited me out on a romantic date, like he used to. When we got home, I made the evening unforgettable for him - my trainer had taught me how to be a real woman next to my husband. Our old passion reignited. Now each day we both can’t wait to see each other. Our relationship has reached a new level, and I will never give it up for anything. My husband is so happy and grateful that I saved our marriage.


You keep repeating the same life situations:

  • partners leave you
  • you are unable to earn enough money
  • you fight with people
  • you suffer through cheating and breakups

Your family does not support you? A Diagnostic of Karma will help you to discover the reason through your previous incarnations.

You will finally find the happiness that you've always dreamed of.

The journey to ancestral roots, talents and abilities, what  obstacles block you from past-lives. Gives access to self realization through clear understanding of the current situations and through the wisdom of the ancient methods of self-development.

Before coming to the practice You should choose Your main problem, which is repeated in Your life or lasts for a long time: bad luck, chronic illness, difficulties in communication, lack of money, fear, uncertainty, etc. In the course of diagnosing shaman looks through past incarnations, looks for the cause of this problem and helps to choose the path of healing, cleansing.


Ivonna, 38

My fiancé got into an accident right before our wedding and nearly died. In the hospital he fell in love with the head physician and left me.

All my relationships with men have had the same ending: they cheated on me and left me. There was even a tragic story. My fiancé got into an accident right before our wedding and nearly died. In the hospital he fell in love with the head physician and left me. My mother was never been married. My father was also in an accident right before their wedding. When I came to the Diagnostic of karma, they told me that the karma of my mother’s family was hindering me from making a family and being happy. They recommended the cleansing of my Manipura Chakra, and my teacher told me how to start. I also went through the secret ritual of Roxelana, in order to be able to attract a good man and become his partner in life. I practiced all the karma exercises recommended by my trainer, and soon things started to change. The day after the ritual I put on the Crystal of Confidence and went to work - and I met a man! We were stopped by a policeman at the same time – who wanted to check our documents. We started to see each other after this. He turned out to be a very interesting and rich man, divorced, and without children. Half a year later we decided to get married. My mum’s life started to change rapidly as well. She lives in a wonderful place now that she’s been dreaming of for years! I’m really happy that my karma cleanse helped her too!


  • Would you like to reveal your abilities and talents?
  • Do you want to know what your secret Mission in Life is?
  • Do you feel a huge potential inside but do not know how to use it?

A Diagnostic of Life Purpose will show you the meaning of your life. You will finally know what to do next!


Joanna, 31:

I bought oil paints and a canvas and started to paint - for the first time in my life! In a less than a year I organized my first art exhibition.

I was working two jobs and I never had enough money. Just enough to pay my bills. Something was constantly happening fees, scams , or no customers. My friend brought me to the Diagnostic of Life Purpose. She told me to ask them how to apply my abilities and skills. They told me that I needed to start creating things. They told me I had talents for singing and drawing, and I was very surprised! “Is this some kind of joke?” I thought... The next day someone stole my phone. I went to see my friend (she was working for a very expensive beauty salon) and told her everything: about my phone and about the recommendations from the teacher... I told her I was totally confused and didn’t know what to do or how to live... There was a man in the salon that heard everything. He felt such kindness for me! He said: “I want to help you”, went out and came back with a new phone for me. I was shocked!  From that day he started to take care of me. He told me to start painting. “Let’s see what will come of it”. I bought oil paints and a canvas and started to paint... for the first time in my life! His friend bought my first painting for his office. In less than a year I organized my first exhibition with some of my artworks. One painting sold for 900 euro, another for1300 euro! Unbelievable! I also started to sing and make recording s. People loved my voice, they said that I sounded beautiful and sensual; that my voice touches their hearts. I’m so happy that I’ve revealed my talents! I have everything in my life now: money, traveling, recognition and happiness! It’s true that if you follow your path there will be no obstacles; there will be only help on your way!


Diagnostics helps to identify key talents and abilities that are innate but could be hidden to past traumas, stress and upbringing. Call to spirits to receive a  guidance towards destiny path in life.

Purpose has several levels: tasks in this life in this body (in society, in personal development), tasks for the soul over a number of lives (what spiritual experience is required to learn and develop, what problems for mankind bears the soul).



  • Highest purpose of your soul on earth in the current reincarnation; how to reach your goals
  • Receiving  protection from gods and higher spirits
  • Your strong shamanic skills for completing your soul’s mission
  • Your spirit helpers in your past and current life
  • How to direct the energy of your spirit helpers to solving a specific issue


Listen to the ancient power of Nature!

Shamanic journey to your destiny. A call to Spirits that help people answer their innermost sacred questions. Thanks to the ability to see and communicate with the spirit world, the shaman looks at what spirits live in symbiosis with a human. Which ones give a human power, and which are the destroyers, and are a source of diseases in a human. Also shamanic abilities can be seen - from which World and Soul the Spirit Sur came, and what the human's task is. Connection with the ancestors and relatives are watched. Recommendations are given for all moments: how to strengthen, how to get rid of, what practices to do in this case, how to change a lifestyle (daily routine, diet), how to develop Your abilities and what mystical rituals are needed to go through to communicate with Spirits.


Lana, 26:

I’ve revealed my talents and am living my dream with the man I love.

I always felt there was a power in me. I felt that I was special but I didn’t know how to reveal it and apply it. When my friend recommended that I go to the shamanic diagnostic session I thought that she had lost her mind. It all seemed very weird. But I didn’t want to disappoint her so I went, and, to be honest, I was curious myself! Some of the things that they told me I didn’t exactly understand. But they gave me very clear instructions and explained what to do to reveal my skills. I started to do the exercises and practices. I bought a shamanic talisman - an object of power. Amazing things started to happen to me! First, I got a bunch of new job offers. I am a photographer, so people started to invite me abroad to do photo shoots of models and pop stars for famous magazines. I had never even thought about that level of work before! One of the organizers was so pleased with my work that he gave me a present - he booked a trip for me to the place of power. After that I got more and more invitations. I was taking pictures of nature in new places. I was especially attracted to nature in the morning.  I wanted to see the beauty of our divine world at the dawn of day, so I started to wake up at 4-30 a.m. After my first photo exhibition I started to travel all the time. In the Alps I met my future husband. He is also a photographer, and we are organizing our own exhibition in Italy where we live; it’s very beautiful here and the climate is very mild. We do charity work. I can truly say that I am living my dream!



  • How to increase the flow of income and reach exuberance?
  • How to strengthen the energy of money for my project / business?
  • How to restore connection with spirit / energy of money?

Sign up for our business consultation now!


Counseling + energy diagnostics of business situation and potential of Manipura chakra

Diagnostics of business partner through photos and the natal chart. Helps to understand and accept the inner potential for business growth (yours and your business as a part of your inner energy realisation)/ Gives the answers about misfortune in business, not realised karmical issues and how to solve the problem in business

You deserve prosperity!


Maria, 29

I finally realized why I was stuck in a financial hole! I could have dealt with everything by myself but, as it turns out, I had been programmed for financial failures.

I used to always have financial troubles. I tried a business and I failed. I opened a real estate agency, that also failed. I ended up with a lot of loans and didn’t know what to do. I still dreamed of earning a lot of money and went to various trainings, coaching sessions and studied finance. Why did I have two such negative business experiences?! I decided to try again and went to the business diagnostic. The consultation was like an instant enlightenment! I finally realized why I was stuck in a financial hole! I could have handled everything with my business skills, but it turned out that I had been programmed for financial failures and lack of money because of my family’s karma. I needed a deep cleanse so I underwent the Gyud ritual and bought a magic amulet for luck. I found the answers that I needed: after the practice. I knew what to do next! I met my life partner, started a new business with him and launched an advertisement of my old project. After 2 months had paid all of my debts! Business increased again! Now I am a successful businesswoman, an owner of a 3million euro company, and I feel great! I develop several business directions at the same time, and I feel inspired! I am going to open a charity center in my city to help other women find themselves!


This diagnostic includes a reading to identify child’s unique talents and abilities, strengths and qualities of a character that require most of development in order to fully realize talents and become successful, healthy and happy individual.


This shamanic ritual helps to cleanse the family tree: roots, stem, crown, symbolizing the ancestors and living relatives and future family - children. If there are problems such as infertility, insanity, poverty (the well-being decreases with each generation), addiction to drugs or alcohol, constant quarrels and conflicts with relatives in the family, it is said that your family tree needs help. This ritual gives relief from all of the above mentioned problems and difficulties. Thanks to it, you will reconnect with the kind of spirit that will become your patrol in life, and all difficulties will be easily solved.

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