The Music of Transformation:
what is the secret of the shamanic melodies?

The Music of Transformation not only lifts your mood and improves well-being. It helps to develop supernatural powers as well.

The Mozart effect

It is a well-known fact that music has a phenomenal effect on human mental activity and intellect. But only in the 1990s, the scientists of the University of California conducted a range of experiments.

How does it work?

A sound is a wave that disperses in the environment. It is characterized by a certain frequency, intensity, timbre, rhythm, tonality and tempo. All these features are processed in different brain areas. A person perceives the frequency and intensity of a sound at an unconscious level. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the perception of the timbre and melody.

The tempo of a sound is processed by both hemispheres simultaneously. The left hemisphere is responsible for the rhythm and tonality. That is why the sounds of music trigger stirring brain activity and stimulate it to work intensively.

Moreover, further research has shown that the effects of music on the mood and moral state of a person varies greatly depending on the music genre.  Then, the specialists became convinced that music therapy might contribute to the comprehensive development of a person and the healing of diseases.

The impact of the sound wave vibrations on the brain cells causes their intense stimulation. And it leads to the development of unique abilities.


What is the power of shamanic music?

From ancient times, one of the central places in the shamanic practice belongs to music. They use it in healing, education and creating a successful human life. The shaman creates his melodies in a special way. The Music of Transformation is a special energetic power that helps to achieve happiness in the family. It has a beneficial effect on relationships between partners and on interaction with children.

It reveals talents, helps to learn and work better, achieve great success in life and career. It is perfect for yoga, meditation, harmonizing space and cleansing your home from negative energy.

Why is shamanic music so effective?

First of all, it is created with the help of the most powerful energy investment. Playing a melody, the shaman performs the rite of calling good spirits.

The effect depends on the purpose the shaman insets in a particular melody. He can create music for good luck, healing, the development of supernatural abilities, the cleansing of home from the negative energy and the elimination of any problems. That is why there is a magical effect on the body and the destiny of a person because of music.


Music of transformation

It is perfect for yoga, meditation, home purification and harmonization of the environment.

  • It changes the blood composition and purifies energy fields
  • It is beneficial for relationships between partners, for communication with children
  • It reveals talents, helps to learn and to work better, to achieve great success in your life and carrier
  • It helps to get the power for implementation of your plans and goals


Individual music of transformation according to the numerological code.

  • Do you need strength, energy and health?
  • Do you want to lose weight or to get rid of bad habits?
  • Do you want to increase your focus and to achieve success in any business?

You need the Music of Transformation individually selected for your according to your birthday.

To order the shamanic music of transformation or healing music you can on the seminars.

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