Shamanic TARO cards reading

When our ancestors had some problems or they had to take a difficult decision, they went to a shaman or a wise man. The modern person also has to take fateful decisions. But she often does it using intuition or logical thinking. There is another option — shamanic Tarot cards.


  • Do you want to understand how to treat this or that situation correctly?
  • Do you want to find out what awaits you in the future, and what you need to prepare for?
  • Do you want to know what to expect from certain people?

Tarot cards in the hands of a wise guide can answer all your questions and warn against mistakes!

Oksana, 33:

Now it is hard to believe that I was so indecisive. The situation cleared up somehow very quickly and well. But then I was at a loss, I wanted to quit my job, because I was sick of it. But I could not decide. I was afraid to stay without money and without work having to pay a loan. But I already hated it. I went there just for the money. My boss was disgusting, he found fault with me, constantly demanded to stay until I completed what he had told me to do... Colleagues are boring, petty ... I decided to tell fortunes on the Shamanic tarot cards. It turned out that it would be better for me not to deal with accounting, but with children. I should pay more attention to my husband. And he will feed us, and will bring a completely different level of wealth. They said that I will not just leave my job. Soon we will move to another country to live. They foretold us a long journey. They also said that it is favorable for me to work as a kindergarten or school teacher. And my first degree is a teacher! I was surprised, but I also remembered something else - my aunt lives in Canada, and she has long invited us! A month later my husband was offered a job in Montreal. I did not hesitate to quit, we moved to Canada. My aunt, of course, helped me to get settled, prepare documents for a residence permit. And when I received a work permit, I immediately opened a kindergarten for my own and five other children of our new acquaintances, my aunt's distant relatives. We repaied the loan from abroad, in just half a year. We have sold the apartment. And now I am Canadian, I have two children with Canadian citizenship. I am very happy that I did the shamanic taro reading back then. I took the right decision and everything turned out well!



You can order shamanic tarot cards and get a special initiation for communication with the spirit of the shamanic cards at the seminars



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