What is personal power and how does it help you succeed?

Who among us does not want to become successful, wealthy, succeed in everything that you can only dream of? To get all this, you need to understand what personal power is.

18 August 2020

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“How I became a victim of domestic violence”

My name is Maria. I'm from Madrid. I'm 47. I almost died of domestic violence two years ago. Yet my partner has never raised his hand against me in his life. It is the first time I speak in public about how it happened and how I was saved by the Field of Love project.

6 August 2020

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The “Field of Love” will protect you from the Dark Forces!

Today we will tell you the story of our student Katharina. Moving ahead, her story ended well, thanks to the support of masters and other participants of the “Field of Love”. But if there were no spiritual people to support that woman at the right time, her health and life would be in danger.

28 July 2020

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What is egregor and how does it help to realize one’s predestination?

How does the environment affect the realization of our predestination? Why even the closest people can get in the way to our dream? What mantra will help keep our inner core? The “Field of Love” project will tell you about this.

21 July 2020

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How to make all your dreams come true?

Each person has at least one cherished dream. As a rule, we consider it impracticable. Even the most incredible dreams can come true! The Field of Love project will teach you how to do this.

7 July 2020

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How to find your predestination?

Who am I? Why did I come to this world? It is these questions that will help you to understand your predestination and become happy and successful.

1 July 2020

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How not to fall a victim to manipulations?

It is hard to believe, but many people do not believe in kindness and sincere desire to make the world a better place. The "Field of Love" project will teach you to fight against negativity in real life and social networks.

9 June 2020

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Why are the seminars held by the Field of Love movement priceless?

We all wish we were always healthy, happy and successful. But not everyone can achieve this. From this article you will know why this happens and how the success can be achieved.

6 May 2020

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I am not afraid of you, coronavirus!

So how to get rid of the fear of getting infected with coronavirus? The "Field of Love" gives answers to these questions.

27 April 2020

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Shamanic Music Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

The shamanic healing music of transformation is an absolutely amazing thing. It heals of diseases, stress, depression, and bad luck. Why it happens, we tell in this article.

17 April 2020

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It’s time to unite!

The worst thing about Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine is separation. In this article we will tell you how to unite, if the borders are closed and there is no possibility to leave home.

11 April 2020

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The “Field of love” will help stop the spirits of the elements!

Lack of love and excess aggression in society give the green light to a powerful destructive energy that sweeps everything in its path. And the “Field of love” will help you defeat it!

7 April 2020

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Let’s help the planet in this difficult time!

Coronavirus has affected every inhabitant of the Earth. The Field of Love invites everyone to take part in the great mission of helping the planet.

31 March 2020

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Spring equinox: using an energetically charged period to fulfill wishes

We share a special ritual that helps in revealing predestination, achieving financial well-being, individual happiness and enduring love.

17 March 2020

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“Field of Love”: the place where works the law of universal happiness

This article will tell you how works this law of keeping happiness and what the amazing power of the Field of Love prayer is.

10 March 2020

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Coronavirus: how to stop the major epidemic of the 21st century?

The new virus, which appeared in China in mid-2019, has threatened the entire population of the planet in less than two months. But that doesn't mean it can’t be stopped! Yes, it can!

3 March 2020

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How to find true love?

Love is the supreme value. This is our superpower, our divine manifestation. We dream of love, wait for it, believe that it will knock on our door. But how can we find it? All in all, is there true love other than in movies and books? Let’s try to figure it out.

25 February 2020

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Field of Love warns you: “Don’t let anyone fool you!”

We exist in the large information field. This field has a lot of interesting and useful things. But it also has a lot of lies, direct fraud and veiled revenge. How not to be confused? How not to put your trust on frauds and knaves? Field of love will help 

21 February 2020

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5 Secrets of Business Magic

On the one hand, the vast majority of people live payday-to-payday, can not afford something extra, pinch and scrape all the time. On the other hand, there are people who deny themselves nothing at all. Do you think we are talking about oligarchs? Not at all. We're talking about people who have learned the secrets of business magic.

4 February 2020

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India the land of the Gods is waiting for you!

They say a woman is a vessel of God. That's not exactly so. A woman is not a vessel, but a conductor of divine energy. This great power is capable of much: to give happiness to all people on Earth. And help each of us find our true purpose, love and joy in India, the land of the Gods.

30 January 2020

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The book “Siberian shamanism” will help you solve your financial problems

Despite the fact that the “Field of Love” project is held all over the world, unfortunately, not everyone can get there. The book “Siberian shamanism” is a gift for everyone who is interested in ancient culture, wants to become part of a large shaman family, understand their predestination and grasp fortune.

23 January 2020

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Sound Healing. Shamanic Healing Music

Life in metropolitan cities is oversaturated with negative and aggression. All this creates the conditions for the appearance of spirits of resentment, unhappiness, illness. They begin to suck strength and health out of people. But there is a protection method - shamanic healing music.

21 January 2020

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Estrogen and testosterone: how hormones affect our destiny

Estrogen and testosterone are both female and male hormones, the balance between which is extremely important. In the article you will find out how to maintain it properly to realize your potential and achieve success in any field of activity.

16 January 2020

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Causes of stress: why we can’t stop being nervous

Modern people, especially residents of metropolises, are under constant stress. Of course, it is impossible to avoid it completely. But it is quite simple to reduce the effect of stress on your life. Let's see what causes stress.

31 December 2019

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Winter solstice: a time of renewal when dreams come true

Did you know that we actually have 4 New Years in a year? These are the winter solstice, the summer solstice, and the spring and autumn equinoxes.

17 December 2019

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Creating and developing business: the secret of success

Do you want to repeat the world’s famous businessmen’s path of life? What is their secret of success and what does the transformation music have to do with it? Read below.

10 December 2019

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Causes of disasters

We are looking for the causes of disasters in negligence, fatal accidents, self-serving calculations and God knows what else. And in fact, they are in us.

6 December 2019

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Domestic violence: why should we talk about it

Our world can be hardly called safe. Armed conflicts, accidents and natural disasters. However, our closest people – our partners - very often pose the biggest risk to us. Is it possible to stop domestic violence? It is! In this article we will tell you how to do it

29 November 2019

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Women of Power: who are they?

Are you tortured of constant problems, are you tired and do not get out of depression?

17 October 2019

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Circle healing prayer Field of love

Many years ago we created a charity project Field of love. In the meantime it has become a widespread international movement, which is constantly being joined by many people around the world, of all the continents.

8 October 2019

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Prayer and meditation “Field of love”

Sometimes one kind word or smile can heal from stress or the pain. How it works? How to purify karma and to open myself to goodness myself through prayer and meditation?

3 September 2019

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The first step towards freedom! Healing through meditation and prayer

In the endless pursuit of illusory happiness, we forget about the most important thing, namely the happiness of our loved ones! We live a normal life, but something is missing in it! Think of your childhood. Did you dream of a comfortable apartment or an expensive computer? During those happy and carefree years, you just enjoyed having fun, playing, dancing, and climbing trees…

22 August 2019

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Free training Courses and Weekly Group classes

Do you have some situation which constantly repeats and you can't solve it by yourself?
Do you feel what you don't have enough energy to achieve all your goals? Did you realized, you need some help and support?   But you know what? Everyone has been in that situation. Join us at Weekly Group classes and free training courses if you want to change your life.

3 May 2019

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What practices we can learn at free training classes

The Air of Freedom
Why to practice alone at home is so difficult? May be we are too busy to take care about ourselves? We need discipline of spiritual practices as we have it for other fields of our life. We get used to take responsibility for children, family, parents, but not ourselves. That's why the format of free training classes at the regular weekly basis is the best way how to start spiritual practices.

30 April 2019

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Business and development: free training resources

How to become rich? How to become happy?
At the free training resources about success we can find a lot of stories about people who achieved bright success. Forbes usually write about such famous people trying to inspire us to achieve more. This is one of the most amazing and popular topics in the modern world. Almost every person has read more than a dozen books on these issues.

26 April 2019

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“Field of Love” free training group sessions.

What is the secret of their effectiveness? 
Self-improvement is at the peak of popularity today. Life coaches, personal growth coaches, numerous free training promise to make everyone happy, loved and rich. They promise, but do not help. Tamara Ra explains how the sessions of the international movement "Field of Love" are different from others.

23 April 2019

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Free individual counseling to determine your spiritual path of development

Spiritual Name, a Quick Way to Uncover Your Potential
All of us have a name given by our parents, but the thing is – that might not be our real Spiritual Name… Our true Spiritual Name is hidden very deeply and needs to be discovered. This is the name of our soul.

16 April 2019

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Individual counseling services near me

Astrology is the science about life
Having the access to the knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations, people coordinated their lives with the laws of the Cosmos in ancient times. They knew that life manifested itself in its various forms, and everything around us was filled with it. How to understand the language of Universe, to listen the signs in order not to make mistakes?

11 April 2019

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Individual counseling with a psychologist or energy diagnostics?

What is better for you?
Visiting a psychologist for individual counseling today is as popular as doing fitness, eating organic foods or being engaged in eco-tourism. Let's see, what is the reason for this popularity and if you need a consultation with a psychologist?

2 April 2019

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What do spiritual retreat activities includ?

Individual Power Practices
At our spiritual retreat activities  we are trying to balance the interests of different group of people. Some need more personal coaching, some prefer to be the part of the group. Both are important and reflect the inner and outer world. Today we would like to focus more on individual practices which you will bring back home and keep doing to empower yourself.

12 March 2019

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Spiritual retreat activities to find your Soulmate

Is it possible to find true love, the Soulmate due to spiritual retreat activities or is it just directors’ and writers’ flight of fancy?

5 March 2019

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How Mistakes From Our Past Create Our Future

We are born like a sheet of paper — like a clean slate. During our life we write our story upon this slate. Sometimes we make mistakes. Unfortunately, we can’t erase or cross them out and write a new scenario. So what can we do? What if the mistakes of our past don’t let us sleep at night?

14 February 2019

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How Not Spending Money on Yourself Kills Your Feminine Energy

In a world full of constant worries and daily chores, we, my dear women, often forget about our true calling. Each woman has come into the world in order to fill the surrounding environment with love and beauty. When we push our own personal needs to the side, we are essentially going against ourselves and this causes us to lose our true selves.

12 February 2019

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Why Doesn’t My Talisman Work?

My dear readers, we all try to improve the lives of those people whom we love. We want to fill their lives with warmth and affection. To help us do this we not only express love and support to people around us, but we also often call upon the Higher Powers to help us. A talisman is a reliable aid in this process. It can fill us with positive energy when we need it and protect us from danger.

5 February 2019

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Prayer for the Greater world and salvations of our souls

Every day we meet different obstacles, we communicate with a lot of people, whom we even don't know, we don't see their souls, unfortunetly we don't feel their hearts and their suffers. How do you think God wants from us to be indiffirent? or either God wants us to be cruel? or maybe agressive to the world around us?

8 January 2019

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The system of health improvement

Herbal treatment
Herbs for treatment are collected in ecologically clean areas using a special way and certain rules. Herbal treatment is also a kind of cure that’s why it’s important to keep in mind there might be some contra indications.

7 November 2018

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Charity will save the world!

Dear all, spiritual Masters of all times were talking about how charity is important, as it allows us to reach out into wider society, and help those that are in need of our support.

5 September 2018

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Violence Against Women: Horrid Statistics

Women are the key source to our future: they will become mothers and bring up children who then will have children of their own and still violence against women remains one of the most pervasive and widespread global human rights violations. Do you want to preserve our nation, our population, our planet? Thinks about it. If not you then who?..

7 March 2018

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Environmental Problems: Simple Solutions

Watch this cute video and see what we can to help our Mother Nature. Solutions are simple but the impact is great. Starting from ourselves we will provide nice example to others: our children, friends and relatives. And only when we unite our efforts our planets will be calm and safe.

2 March 2018

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The 6 Most Acute Environmental Issues and What You Can Do to Solve Them

More than four decades after the first Earth Day, there are still many environmental concerns for communities around the world to address; perhaps none so pressing as man-made climate change. But progress is being made, and it could be argued that awareness about environmental issues is at an all-time high.

23 February 2018

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Ring Ring: Bring Domestic Violence to a Halt

Any act that threatens the well-being of an individual is termed as abuse, while domestic violence is the systematic method in which one partner gains power and control by instilling fear and forcing subservience. Violence is not only physical abuse, but emotional, economic, verbal, and sexual. The social stigma of public dishonor is the greatest cause for a woman to become trapped in this atrocious environment, and another important reason is economic dependence on her perpetrator.

12 February 2018

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10 Inspirational Stories of Children Motivated by Pure Charity

These remarkable kids are beyond inspirational. You won't believe the incredible things they've already accomplished at such a young age. These 16 beautiful and touching stories are testament to the fact that exceptional people appear in all ages.

10 February 2018

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More Love & Compassion in Today’s Movie Industry

If you just google ‘Hollywood blockbusters’ you will find a ton of ‘top-10/20/50/100-movies-depicting-the-end-of-the-world’ lists. Hollywood movie industry flourishes while directors and script writers do their best to impress us, their audience. They show us the most terrifying natural disasters adding as many visual and sound effects as they can.

3 October 2017

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Damage Badly Hit Texas and Houston

We are witnessing terrible devastation in Texas and fires in Houston: houses are damaged, people are dead due to deadly hurricane Harvey. As the news goes as Harvey's rainfall tapered off over the weekend in Texas, the region is starting to take stock of the damage as it enters the next phase of recovery.

5 September 2017

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Gabriela, Taquaritinga, Brazil

It is such amazing feeling when I was doing ritual “Circle Healing Prayer”, connecting with spirits, with Goddess Umay during this practice. After ritual, when we was praying for mother Earth and cleaning field in our forest, I felt deep connection with Earth.

14 March 2017

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Monique, Campinas, Brazil

Now I am feeling like a hero, because I participated in this project “Field of Love”, where we were planting trees, not only one, but around 50 trees during one day. For me it was new experience, when I was saying thank you to mother Earth for her care and support.

14 March 2017

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Rose, Sao Paola, Brasil

I had wonderful experience to adopt this beautiful child that I have now. I was dreaming to become a mother more than 10 years! Your training for mothers open my eyes on life, on education of children. It changed my expectations and the possible appropriateness of the role Brilliant ritual “Circle Healing Prayer” – thank you Great tutors and great team of helpers for this wonderful project!

14 March 2017

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Orlanda, Munich, Germany

I have excellent news. My son, he is 5 years old, have severe epilepsy. Yesterday was his birthday and he had the best birthday present possible. He had a full day without a seizure. This is the first seizure-free day he's had since early October.

14 March 2017

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Monica, London, England

I would like women to know that it offers an opportunity to ‘know’ yourself at a deeper level. I would also like women to know that it is a well-supported and safe container – one that nurtures and encourages women to face, and open themselves in new way! Thank you for all wonderful experience.

14 March 2017

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Shady, Barcelona, Spain

I am not the same person who walked into the “Field of Love” weekend seminar 9 short months ago. What a glorious journey! It has been exciting, insightful, terrifying and painful all in one furry bundle. I have embraced lessons and run like hell from them. I am deeply grateful and continue to be amazed by the power of women’s from “Field of Love”.

14 March 2017

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Sara, Mexico city, Mexico

Field of Love” honors the deepest places of our individual and collective experiences as women, bringing care, heartful and soulful blessing to each women in this world.

14 March 2017

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Cher Lindro, Boston, USA

Having personally experienced this project, I highly recommend movement “Field of Love” to any woman who wants to step into her shadow and reclaim another piece of her gold. I have worked with thousands of women and it is vital that we look at the predator energy in our lives so we can stop being victims, stop hurting each other and use our power to move forward in our lives in positive ways.

29 September 2016

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Lara, London, England

It was amazing experience with “Field of Love”. I am used to live in city, everyday breathing with smog, than my friend invited me to help to clean forest during all weekend. I didn’t had this kind of weekend since I was a child. So nice group, so good way are doing.

29 September 2016

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Jessica, New York, USA

Thank you for “Circle Healing Prayer” ritual today. It was as if the effects of the ritual were going thru my system like the waves that are caused when throwing a rock into a still pond…wave after wave until it is quiet again. I knew “Field of Love” is powerful work , however it went deeper than I initially would have assumed.

29 September 2016

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Miranda 16 years old, Paris, France

Thank you for your sensitive workshop. I was impressed with the process and how you handled everyone with care, love and consideration. Wonderful! “Field of Love” team I would like to let you know that I have become engaged and am very happy, this I am sure has come about from the clearing away of the past and going through the workshops I did with trainers with such deep experience.

29 September 2016

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Rony, Bratislava, Slovakia

I found the project “Field of Love” life changing, I have been clearing issues for some time now and believe that methods and seminars helped to release unhealthy family dynamics, limitations and blocks. I’m very keen to see how my life will change and if I’ll find it easier to be in a romantic relationship!

29 September 2016

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