Amulets and talismans

The shamanistic AMULETS AND TALISMANS is gift of the higher worlds to the shaman.

3 December 2019

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Clearing negative energy in all spheres of your life

We continue to understand the shaman amulets and talismans. Shaman costume
Shamanic amulets and talismans are objects that protect a person from the spirits of the lower world, that is, from all sorts of misfortunes, problems, diseases and failures. The power of the amulet is so great that it can protect not only one person, but also their entire house, or car, or company. Shamanic objects of power, amulets are clearing negative energy. You'd be surprised, but a shaman costume is the most powerful object of shaman power. The spirit of shaman costume protect your home and clearing negative energy in all spheres of your life.

21 May 2019

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