Online training is now very popular. You can learn anything online nowadays: from the basics of beadwork to collecting of a time machine. The “Field of Love” international movement teaches to reveal your abilities and talents, self-realization, the search for mission. And you can do it all without leaving your home!

Advantages of online training at the “Field of Love”

1. Why is our training the most effective one?

Of course, no online communication can replace live training, as it is live seminars, trainings, group classes, retreats that are most effective. But given that we always lack time, online is an opportunity to maintain a high level of energy between trainings. We can continue training without interruption, even if the tutor has left, and prepare for the tutor's next arrival, completing homework and continuing to study at a distance.

 Our online training is one of the most effective one, because it is based on real ancient knowledge and is part of an integrated approach to training (webinars, online courses, live seminars, individual support, consultations, etc.).

 And the most important advantage of online training is that you are able to keep training with your favorite tutor personally, even if there are thousands of kilometers between you! You do not have to interrupt training after your tutor leaves your city or your retreat to the Place of Strength ends.

2. You can do it anytime, anywhere!

When you do online training at the “Field of Love”, you don’t have to change your normal schedule: leave work earlier, reschedule or cancel sport classes, devote time that you usually devote to family and friends. You can watch our webinars and lessons in any free minute: in a cafe, while you are waiting for a girlfriend, in transport on the way to work, in an airplane when going on vacation. Even on vacation, you can do it! On the beach, by the pool, anywhere.

All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and the Internet connection. And, of course, also a little free time that you are ready to spend on yourself - your development and personal growth.

You can, of course, say that it is extremely difficult to find even half an hour a day to study. Indeed, modern people have a very busy schedule. But try to calculate how much time per day you spend scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds. Let's be honest, hardly less than 30 minutes? And our videos are rarely more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes a day can be found even in the busiest schedule, right?))

3. You can do it for free!

You can’t save on yourself - you know this, of course. But what if you are now very limited in funds and you simply have not enough for the seminars that will make you happy, successful and healthy? The way out is our online lessons!

Our YouTube channels are a true encyclopedia of knowledge. Only not boring and interactive one. That is, you can not only watch our videos, tutor' lessons and webinars, but also comment them, ask questions and get answers!

Well, what other encyclopedia in the world will tell you how to get rid of complexes or never get sick? This is the fundamental difference of the “Field of Love”. Even our free webinars and trainings on YouTube are 100% useful (we don’t even speak about live classes). We will give you all the necessary practices, conduct rituals, and tell you how to solve any problem.

What are our webinars and video courses about? About everything that concerns you. Career, beauty, health, success, charity ... It is easier to list the topics of lessons or webinars that we DO NOT have than those that we do.

Webinars are held only by leading tutors of the “Field of Love”. You can tell them about your situation, ask for advice and get a working solution in real time.

And our online learning is diverse. These are webinars, and online courses, and thematic video courses, and recordings on YouTube channels.

And we give you all this invaluable knowledge for free! By the way, if you have financial difficulties now, be sure to watch our lessons for opening a cash flow - your problem will be solved very quickly, and you can join our seminars and retreats)))

Signy, Oslo:

I have always been career oriented. But at some point, my career growth stopped. Whatever I tried to do, nothing changed. And somehow, at lunchtime, I saw that my colleague was watching a video on her smartphone with interest. I asked what it was. She said she was doing online training at the "Field of Love." My colleague had a very big problem with self-esteem. And right in front of my eyes in a few months, she radically changed. I was shocked! I decided that I also need to start training at the "Field of Love".

Online classes helped me a lot! I got the position I dreamed about. Moreover, there is a possibility of growth. And I'm not going to stop there. Well, I already understand that only online learning is not enough. So I joined the group, and attend the “Field of Love” retreats at least twice a year.


We do everything to make it convenient for you to train with the tutors of the “Field of Love” international movement. And we always encourage students to work independently. But online training does not 100% replace live training. If you want to get quick results, you must visit our offline classes: in groups, seminars, retreats. To know the secret of their effectiveness, read in this article.

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