I was lucky. I was born in a very long line of women that had a deep knowledge of their female wisdom. For many generations, they have known the secrets of motherhood, family and financial happiness, how to live in harmony and heal from any illness once and for all. But this wasn’t enough for me. I ran away to Moscow, enrolled in a university, fell in love and made many new friends. I tried to live like “everyone else” and not be everyone’s psychologist. However, by the final term at university, I had a waiting list of over a month of people wanting an appointment with me. And that’s how I discovered my true calling. As they say, you can’t run away from yourself.

Over 20 years have passed and over these years I have seen thousands of patients. I have received more than 53000 thank-you letters and reviews and for me, this is a sign that my knowledge is truly helpful for people in solving problems, saving them from sickness, divorce and marital issues. Women start looking younger and better after working with me. Some women who thought they were barren, are able to have children. Many of my students have found their calling in life and now love what they do for work!

So if you need some help, I will always be happy to use the power of my family lineage and to do everything I can to help you!


  • International women’s coach

  • Parapsychologist of international level

  • Worldwide charity leader

  • Personal coach of film and show business stars

  • Master of energy protection

  • Hereditary white witch and shaman

  • Author and host of unique trainings all over the world BBC Consultant

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