children are under attackand you can help
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children are under attackand you can help
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Field of Love has been helping children all
over the world for more than 20 years

According to UNICEF, in the world, one teenager is killed every 7 minutes. One of the highest homicide rates for teenagers is in Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela, UNICEF). Isn't it frightening? But these are not all the problems that children all over the world face.

Child labor

There are about 265 million working children in the world. 7 out of 10 children work in agriculture often taking hazardous jobs. The duration of the working day can vary from 2-3 to 30 working hours per week. Do you think their work is well paid? No! Children get less for their work than adults.

Child abuse

There are four main types of violence against children: physical, psychological (constant criticism, insults, humiliation, refusal to listen to a child, etc.), economic (inability or refusal of guardians to provide proper care for the child - food, cloth, housing, medical care, education, protection), sexual (according to the severity of the injuries, sexual violence equates to torture and anguish).

Bullying at school

Bullying is a common form of violence in schools in many countries and regions. According to UNICEF, 89% of schoolchildren faced bullying. 40% of children keep everything to themselves because they are embarrassed to tell that they are being bullied by classmates. And only 37% of children believe that bullying could be stopped if adults paid attention to it. You see, the children think that we, adults, could help them but they do not believe that we will do it!


Despite the fact that over the past few decades, billions of dollars have been spent on baby food programs, in countries such as India, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia, the problem of child starvation is global and the situation is catastrophic. However, not only children in the poor countries of the world starve. This happens in the developed countries as well, in families where parents drink, use drugs and do not pay enough attention to their children.

Involuntary beggary

It is a multimillion underground industry in many third-world countries. Criminal cartels use all means from physical abuse to drug use to subdue children's will. In India alone, more than 40 thousand children are kidnapped for this purpose every year!

Distribution of drugs

Today, no one is protected from drugs. They are distributed in schools and children's clubs. Often the dealers are the children, classmates or friends of your child. Is your child studying in a private school? Are you sure this is sufficient protection against becoming a drug addict? How long ago have you been talking to your child? Visited their room? Did you look at their wrists? Looked into their pupils? Drug addiction is an epidemic of the 21st century! Any family can face it. And yours as well!

Field of Love has been helping children all over the world for more than 20 years. We provide material and psychological support to children in the least developed countries. We cooperate with international foundations and charity organizations. We help children who have been subjected to violence from both adults and peers with social and psychological adaptation. Right now, somewhere near you, there is a child who needs help.
You can do it! Become our volunteer!

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