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CHILDREN: World-wide charity project

“Children against war – lets make the world friendly”

Mexico, Leon. November 2015

This project "Children against wars world-wide" has been started 3 months ago in Russia. Children in Moscow made paintings and wrote letters to their "unknown" friends in Mexico. After 1 month children in Mexico, Leon have received their letters with intention live in the future world wars and they pray for peace. They agree thatif children all over the world start be friends, the planet will be saved. 1 month later children in Russia, Moscow received the response from Mexican children, real letters with symbols of love and friendship. So we have the chance that the world-wide war will stop. Lets pray for these children that they will never forget about their decision to be friends and not to kill each other.

With support of foundation “Adventures of the Mystics” action “Healing to each children”

Charity action “Healing to each children” are provided by charity organization “Adventures of the Mystics”. During last year gratitude to open hearts was collected more than 3 000 presents for poor children in Africa. “Healing to each children”— it is great opportunity at New Year eve became a real Santa Claus for children for children in Africa: help them to realize their dreams, which they was writing in their letters and create united prayer for children all around the world. In 2015 year the list of children wishes was 975. Charity action “Healing to each children” – was provided in 5 cities in Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Valencia and Getaria.

The Book “Adventures of the Mystics”

Alice was observing the growth of her precious child with a great care, protecting her womb and finding a peculiar joi in anticipating her would-be matherhood.

Stroking her belly, talking with a child, she was thinking how she and Arthur would raise that pledge of love. Alice’s mind was accupied with thoughts on raising their child. Tips from psychologists, articles in glossy magazine, methods of upbringing in the day-care centers and schools - it was very different from what a child needed. Alice clearly uderstood all that and was already beginning to worry if she and her husband would be able to find the right path to raise their child in the atmosphere of love, feed him with creative energy, protect him from the zombifying influenece of the society.


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