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Charity action for women “Each women should be loved!”

20.04.2013 San Francisco, USA

With support of movement “Adventures of the Mystics” in Barcelona successfully started charity action-show to support ill women with cancer and hit by violence – prayer for Women all planet of earth “Each women should be loved!” Medicine doctor Roberta Hoss, was sharing, how important is to help women, she said: «Sad, because the topic of cancer are becoming more actual in socialist. Each eight women are becoming victim to become ill by cancer. Each of us are under danger: our colleges, partners, clients, mothers… for us is very near this topic. Each can involve support and we together will be stronger. This is fight for all of us!» All things which was collected during charity action will be involved and sacrificed in National foundation, which are supporting women’s with boost cancer.

The Book “Adventures of the Mystics”

Alice was observing the growth of her precious child with a great care, protecting her womb and finding a peculiar joi in anticipating her would-be matherhood.

Stroking her belly, talking with a child, she was thinking how she and Arthur would raise that pledge of love. Alice’s mind was accupied with thoughts on raising their child. Tips from psychologists, articles in glossy magazine, methods of upbringing in the day-care centers and schools - it was very different from what a child needed. Alice clearly uderstood all that and was already beginning to worry if she and her husband would be able to find the right path to raise their child in the atmosphere of love, feed him with creative energy, protect him from the zombifying influenece of the society.


And the Univers gave answer to that questions...


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