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"Charity Movement" has been supporting women
who are the victims of domestic violence for more than 20 years.

One woman is killed in the world every day. Do you know who does it? The one she knows, it may be her husband, partner, relative.

Of all women who die for a year, 60% are victims of domestic violence. This is a terrible statistic. Every third woman suffers from physical abuse since the age of 15. And every fourth - from emotional abuse caused by the current or former partner. This happens when a partner seeks to gain psychological and emotional control over a woman, humiliating her, controlling her actions, insulting and intimidating. Now, when you read these lines, your neighbor, colleague or friend is being abused. Physical and emotional abuse causes psychological damage and increases the risk of developing a mental illness in women, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

In situations of domestic violence, the offender usually proceeds with remorse and apology. But this "honeymoon" usually ends with new violence. This cycle means that women are constantly waiting for the next outburst of anger from their partner. Women in such circumstances cannot control the situation, especially when abuse occurs in their own home.

Just think, in the 20th century, women are killed by the closest people! Neither nationality nor skin color, religion, wealth can protect against domestic violence! The rich and famous are subjected to physical and moral violence as often as women from the poorest social circles!

By the way, to become rich and successful in her career, a woman needs more strength than a man. We still live in a chauvinist society. Among the owners of the largest corporations, government leaders, laureates of the most prestigious awards in the field of science or economics, women are in minority.

It is hard to believe! It needs to be changed!

Charity Movement has been supporting women who are the victims of domestic violence for more than 20 years. We conduct special training for victims of abuse, cooperate with numerous charity organizations. If you are subjected to violence or are being oppressed or someone you know suffers from it, come to us! We can solve this problem together and save your life from the daily hell!

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